What Direction is SoundCloud Headed?

           Over the past couple months, the immensely popular website, Soundcloud.com, one of the largest music sharing mediums on the internet today, has begun colliding with a number of large music companies resulting in the loss, suspension, and even deactivation of thousands of users songs, and SoundCloud accounts around the globe. Just a few days ago, a Boulder based music blog, ThisSongIsSick.com (one of, if not the largest music blogs in the country) was blindsided by having their SoundCloud account temporarily suspended due to outstanding copyright infringements. Founder of ThisSongIsSick.com, Nick Guarino, has been associated with this platform for quite some time now, commenting in a recent article shedding more light on the situation:

“Around 4 years ago when Thissongissick.com was in its early stages, I stumbled across an equally new platform called SoundCloud and fell in love instantly with its simple user interface. The beauty that we found helped us build a visually balanced experience and allowed us to not be forced to embed the bulky YouTube player”

From there, Guarino’s blog continued to grow, expand, and prosper, adding:

“As a site whose sole purpose is to report on music releases from artists across the world, I entrusted this platform as the future of music sharing, and started reaching out to artists for permission to host the songs we were featuring on our SoundCloud account.”

With such a brilliant idea and brand new way to spread the work of up and coming artists from all around the world, ThisSongIsSick soon began reaching new fans at exponential rates:

“All while our account grew, we continued to share music and foster a community that loved quality music as much as we did. This community is something that I am personally honored to have been a part of. As of today, that community has reached over 500,000 followers and has become one of the largest accounts active on SoundCloud (By Daily and Overall plays).”

Not to mention, the ThisSongIsSick.com Soundcloud account had just about reached half a billion (that’s right billion) total plays, amassing almost 2 million plays every 24 hours. With numbers such as these, it’s safe to say that ThisSongIsSick.com had established themselves as one of the largest free music sharing entities there was.

ThisSongIsSick.com's Soundcloud stats

ThisSongIsSick.com's Soundcloud stats

Now for here’s the kicker:

“Recently, SoundCloud representatives reached out to us shedding light on outstanding DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) claims that we have since been attempting to clear up. These claims had accumulated in number over the last few years but; as a result of a fault in their system, had not been communicated to us.”

ThisSongIsSick had been releasing a huge number of producer’s new work through their website, using SoundCloud as a medium to spread these songs and albums, as well as providing free download of the songs or albums they were premiering. All was going quite well, until:

“As some of you may know, the SoundCloud platform is changing (for better or for worse we will soon see) and we have been issued an ultimatum: resolve all outstanding takedown orders that had been presented to us or have your account suspended. Thanks in part to some amazing help from friends, artists and labels that we support, we have been incredibly successful in resolving a majority of these takedowns. By providing verification to SoundCloud of our relationships with artists, PR agents, managers, labels and various rights holders, we have done our best to keep a channel you love up and sharing amazing music.”

Soundcloud's copyright claims

Soundcloud's copyright claims

With such time consuming claims, ThisSongIsSick.com had no other option than to have their account temporarily suspended. Go ahead, for the time being, try and go on the ThisSongIsSick.com SoundCloud page. You will be lead to a dead end resulting in no new music, and a small picture of a grey cloud protecting what was one of the largest accounts of the entire platform.

Visit the website at www.soundcloud.com

Visit the website at www.soundcloud.com


Now, with all that being said, there is no need to worry about the future of ThisSongIsSick.com and their SoundCloud account. This issue is only temporary, and for the meantime, the blog will be releasing their music through their YouTube channel, which can be found here. This is not the first instance of a major account being targeted by various large scale companies, and it surely won’t be the last. As these next couple month’s progress, I personally am extremely intrigued to see where this new direction SoundCloud has taken is going to lead them. I personally have been victim of these copyright claims many times, and for any other producers or DJ’s who have encountered this dilemma as well, you know damn well just how frustrating these restrictions can really be. The future of SoundCloud is a complete mystery at this point, but with such a large user base, one can definitely be sure that this huge medium will continue to dominate the market over the next few years. Be on the lookout for the rise of a new platform over the course of the next few months, and for the sake of all things chill, let’s hope that this new medium will be as cooperative and useful as ever.

Written By: Cooper Turley

- See more at: http://thissongissick.com/blog/2014/wtf-happened-thissongissick-soundcloud-account/#sthash.Enjcu7XS.dpuf