Wakarusa 2015 1st Phase Lineup Announcement

Nestled on top of Mulberry Mountain, deep inside the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, takes place a festival that has been providing music enthusiasts with incredible lineups for nearly 11 years.  We’re talking about Wakarusa.  Originally located in Lawrence, Kansas, and named after the Wakarusa River, the festival hiked atop Mulberry Mountain in Ozark, Arkansas in 2009.  Know for its blend of Jam, Rock, Hip Hop, and boundary-pushing electronic music, Wakarusa is a staple name in the festival game.  Although the festival often experiences wet and muddy conditions, festivalgoers continue to flock back to Wakarusa annually.

With bitter winter conditions comes hope and attention with the announcement of summer festival lineups.  This past week Wakarusa announced one of three phases of their lineup for summer 2015.  The festival teased its fans via Twitter and Instagram, posting subtle hints as to who may make an appearance on Mulberry Mountain this summer.  Poking fun at the massive Coachella lineup that was just announced, Wakarusa tweeted, “Hint #1: Not AC/DC #Waka2015.”  This sort of tweet perfectly conveys the spirit of Wakarusa—goofy personality meets confident in itself to impress and provide for its fans.

Finally, after a few more hints and jokes, Wakarusa unveiled a strong first phase announcement of artists.  The Roots and STS9 claimed the top two headlining spots on the bill, with Rebelution and Young The Giant following beneath.  In regards to electronic music, the first phase showcased the likes of tropical house up-and-comer Thomas Jack, Boulder-based producers Paper Diamond and Savoy, as well as Minnesota, Trippy Turtle, Govinda, KOA, and Late Night Radio.  The 2015 Wakarusa lineup still remains to unveil 62 TBA artists.  With a continuous streak of impressive final lineups, and an already impressive first phase to 2015, we need to add Wakarusa on our MUST GO festival list for this summer!


By David Giovannini