Emerging Artist - Roka Hueka


  I thought I had lost myself in the bass of booming Cumbia at a small bar in Fort Collins, but at the sound of Roka Hueka’s horns I was brought back to my roots of stomping Dr. Martins and mosh pits. Despite the lack of pushing and shoving I experienced, the sound was more than enough to groove to.

 In 2013, a Craigslist calling helped assemble the special pieces of Roka Hueka from all around the world; after a few personnel changes they’ve blossomed into the six-man-band they’ve grown to be. With a unique blend of brass, bass, percussion, and guitar, Andres Gonzalez‘s fiery tongue will blend your strawberry fields into a melodious smoothie of ska, punk, and latin rock. Could it be Reel Big Fish’s Spanish lovechild fitted with black suits and red ties? I think yes. 

To reverberate your temporal lobe with this band’s fusion requires a location near that of the Denver/Boulder area. Luckily, your nightly tears and tissues will be spared for their upcoming concert October 17 at Casselman’s Bar and Venue in Denver as they open for the lovely Panteón Rococó is right around the corner. In case the Colorado inhabitant is grounded to Boulder, they will be making themselves more than available at the Dark Horse November 15, so hold on to your britches and bandanas. If you’re still left in a bed of Kleenex, Roka Hueka’s upcoming EP En Vivo will without a doubt make sure you find a new mattress, until then Soundcloud will relinquish your sins, and save you from your transgressions.

To navigate the sea’s of Latin American influenced splendor and figure yourself a concert to jam out to, Facebook will guide your compass to the only Polaris you’ll ever need. Truly, I hope you gift yourself with the chance to experience this kind of sound – as a music enthusiast it’s unlike most, and even if Spanish isn’t your language of fluency you’ll be too busy knocking your boots around the dance floor to even care. For now, keep soaking up Soundcloud’s delicious rays and let the vibrations take you to your next music laden cloud 9.

By: Ana-Sophia Brande

Photos by: Ana-Sophia Brande