the Top 8 Festival Grounds


      A festival's quality ultimately depends on its performances, but a unique setting can definitely heighten the experience. Check out these sick festival grounds from all over the world:


#8 Ferropolis, Germany

      Ferropolis served as a mining center in Gräfenhainichen, Germany until 1991. Now, it hosts many festivals such as Splash! Festival, Melt! Festival and Ferropolis in Flammen. The festival site embodies nature and modernity at its fullest, as it sits on the Gremmin Lake, which houses monstrous machinery from the 1920s. During the festivals, the crane spews out fireballs and the other machinery are illuminated with glittering lights.

Ferropolis Festival



#7 Gulf Shore Beach, United States

      Imagine going to a festival with white sands, crystal-clear waters and palm trees. Well, you no longer have to imagine thanks to Hangout Music Festival! This three-day-event began its reign in 2010, attracting 10,000-15,000 guests. In May 2014, Hangout sold 40,000 tickets. Wow.




#6 The Gorge Amphitheater, United States

      The Wall Street Journal named the Gorge, “one the most scenic concert locations in the world.” The amphitheater, about 150 miles east of Seattle is burrowed in the Cascade Mountains and features the massive, Columbia river. The Gorge has hosted numerous festivals, such as Rock the Bells Festival, Paradiso Festival, Area Festival, H.O.R.D.E Festival, Creation Festival, Dave Mattthews Band Caravan, Honda Civic Tour, Ozzfest, Identity Festival, Uproar Festival, heavily crazed, Sasquatch! Festival. Sasquatch! Festival is so respected by the Seattle community, that Mayor Ed Murray started A Day In Honor of The Sasquatch Music Festival.



#5 Naeba Ski Resort, Japan

      The Naeba Ski Resort hosts the Fuji Rock Festival way up high on Mount Takenoko. This three-day festival takes place during the last weekend of July. Since 2005, over 100,000 people have attended the Fuji Rock Festival. It is the largest outdoor music festival in Japan.



#4 Reykjavík, Iceland

      Reykjavik annually hosts the Iceland Airwaves festivals in many locations and venues all over the city. Musicians preform at music theatres, pubs, hostels, and by geothermal springs that overlook mountains. Imagine listening to your favorite artist while relaxing in heated springs.




#3 Double JJ’s Resort, United States

      This ranch has hosted Electric Forest Festival annually since 2011. The venue includes farmland, flat planes and an everlasting woodsy area with towering trees, better known as the Sherwood Forest. In June 2014, JJ’s Ranch filled up with 40,000 people from all over the world.




#2 the MSC Divina, United States and Bahamas

      The MSC Divinia is a luxurious cruise ship that can accommodate almost 4,000 people. In an upcoming festival the Divina is hosting, Holy Ship!, she will travel from Miami to the Bahamas. The festival will take place once in January and once in February. Her amenities include spas, music theatres and casinos. 




#1 Black Rock Desert, Nevada

      The coolest music venue is a wide-open desert. Burning Man takes place ever year in this dry wasteland. To celebrate the festival's focuses: self-expression and the radical-self, the festival burns a towering effigy in the shape of a man. The site is decorated with visionary art created by the festivalgoers, as Burning Man encourages people to express themselves through these mediums.


 Article by: Samantha elkan