Top 7 Acts to catch at BUKU 2015 

1: Bassnectar

Photo Via BUKU Music and Arts Festival 

Photo Via BUKU Music and Arts Festival 

2015 is the year! Lorin Ashton “Bassnectar” will be popping his BUKU cherry as he makes his way down to New Orleans in March. Out of all the Buku 2015 artists that have been announced Bassnectar is the most anticipated act for this year. In 2014 Bassnectar released his new album “Noise Vs Beauty”, although his tour for this album has come and past the madness won’t stop there! Since Lorin will be headlining this years BUKU we can expect him to not only play tracks off his “Noise Vs Beauty” album but also many other remixes that will bring out the true freaks of New Orleans. Bassheads from all across will gather in the heart of New Orleans for this explosive set. If you haven’t been too a Bassnectar set before, you should highly consider attending his BUKU 2015 set. For all of you festivalgoers on a budget, this is a prime opportunity to see the bass god live in action at a festival that he has never played! (Tickets $180 + fees


2: Boosie Badazz


Louisiana native Boosie Badazz, formerly known as Lil’ Boosie, has been a keen rapper amongst his generation. If you’re unfamiliar with Boosie Badazz/Lil’ Boosie, he created tracks on the renowned label “Trill Entertainment”. Some tracks that Boosie created were  “Ghetto Stories” in 2003, along with 2009’s top 10 breakthrough, “Superbad: The Return of Boosie Badazz”. What makes his set so anticipated is that Boosie has been facing legal issues in the past 4-5 years, which has hindered his career. In 2011 & 2012 Boosie faced charges for not only degree one murder, but also trying to smuggle drugs into the Dixon Correctional Center and the Angola State Penitentiary. Yet no need to fear, Boosie WILL be at BUKU 2015. Ever since his release from prison on March 5th 2014 anticipation for his shows has been at an all time high for his fans and BUKrewes far and wide.


3: Justin Martin B2B Eats Everything


This back to back between Justin Martin & Eats Everything will a set you won’t want to miss at this years BUKU. Justin Martin has been achieving worldwide success for years now, but he still stays true to his melodic and rough sound that his fans love. However with Eats Everything we can see a more “forward-thinking underground music” what I mean by that exactly is that he illustrates a new definition of underground music. He utilizes glitch breaks with different melodic beats to splice together to create a sub genre that underground music has never heard before. If you’re a fan of all underground music, than you will understand why the anticipation for this B2B is so high.


4: STS9 


Photo By, Madi Lawton 

Photo By, Madi Lawton 

Sound Tribe Sector 9 has been blessing their fans with their music for years now. Although this isn’t Tribes first round at BUKU, BUKrews from all around the south will be in attendance. STS9 is an instrumental electronic rock band originating from Atlanta, Georgia. Over the past 15 years we’ve seen Tribe headline festivals all across the country, whether it be at small venues or renowned venues such as the Tabernacle Music Theater in Atlanta, Tribe will always be a spectacle to see. Yet, what makes this year just as special as the last, STS9 will be having a set at BUKU 2015 everyday!


5: Passion Pit

Passion Pit has been seen all around the country at festivals like Electric Forest, Coachella, etc. Yet with this year’s BUKU coming closer and closer we can only imagine what Passion Pit has in store for all of our ears. According to the Rolling Stone, frontman Michael Angelakos has been working on some new tracks for us. He shared a demo with the Rolling Stones reporters titled “Somewhere”, in this track they still retain there usually Passion Pit sound of upbeat electronic rock. However, that raises some anticipation for fans attending BUKU. Will passion Pit be releasing new music at this year’s BUKU? What do they have in store for us? Only way to find out is to catch them at this years BUKU 2015!

6: Die Antword

Die Antword is composed of 3 members NINJA, Yo-Landi Vi$$er, and DJ Hi-Tek. Die Antword is a rap electronic group that illustrates the “…deep, dark, depths of Africa”. This group of South Africans has been taking over the scene with their music. With one of their most popular songs being “I Fink U Freaky” going global in a matter days this trio has spared no expense in following the demand of shows for their fans. In 2015, Die Antword will be hitting the stage at shows/festivals all around the world, such as playing at Ultra, Future Music Festival (Australia), and shows all across Europe. All in all, their set at this year’s BUKU will be quite interesting to say the least.


7: Thomas Jack

Thomas Jack is one of the sole producers of the increasingly popular genre of Tropical House, next to Kygo. This Aussie spares no expense on bringing you everything you need to feel as though you were soaking up the rays in Fiji & Buku Music Festival is so happy to have him apart of their lineup this year.  Although tropical house is a rather new genre, it hasn’t wasted any time becoming popular. With Thomas Jack performing at HARD Day of the Dead & The Cool Off, we can see this genre rearing its head into the EDM culture much more. All across the world people are raving about tropical house. Well, they can thank Thomas Jack and Kygo for this beautiful genre. Thomas Jack has been releasing a steady flow of remixes for some time now. Along with that Jack’s been creating his “Tropical House Volume” sets over the past couple months.

Written by, Chris Urbanek