The Many Faces of Dillon Francis

1. Dillon Francis

    Dillon Francis is a 26 year old producer known for his revolutionary sounds in moombahton, and most recently, deep house, along with multiple famous collaborations like “Get Low”. Dillon makes music that is easy to dance to and appeals to a vast majority of EDM fans. He is on a quest for his dad and enjoys drunk cooking.


2. DJ Hanzel

    DJ Hanzel is a snobby, German, deep house dj, and is the most well-known alter ego of Dillon. DJ Hanzel has taken deep house “vun deeper” and has even had the pleasure of opening up Dillon’s sets on his “I Don’t Give a Fuck or Santa” tour. He is always seen wearing classic black Ray Bans, like the ones below.


3. DJ Rich as Fuck

    DJ Rich As Fuck is by the far douchiest of the multiple personas Dillon displays. In almost every video, DJ Rich as Fuck flaunts his wealth and calls out all his haters. His signature look is a backwards baseball cap.


4. Becky

    Becky is the only girl alter ego that Dillon presents. She is the annoying girlfriend of DJ Rich as Fuck who is constantly ragging on him and Dillon for various things. Becky loves herself and the color pink, and is usually seen in a pink wig or a pink hooded Nike jacket zipped all the way.


5. Greg

Greg hails from San Luis Obispo, California and is “recently divorced and looking for a good time”. Greg has numerous videos titled “Pickup Lines with Greg” where he shamelessly recites horrible pickup lines.


6. Treva

    Treva is a 16-year old Australian boy who is the newest member of Dillon’s cast of characters. Treva hates racism and is seen wearing speed dealers, that are sometimes stolen by Rave Dad.


7. Rave Dad

    Rave Dad is a fairly new character (only starring in a few videos so far), who thinks he is the coolest dad ever. He thinks he is so cool and hip, he even named his daughter Molly.


Lets see what Dillon Francis has in-store for us next!


Written By: Allison Regan