Photo By Madi Lawton

Photo By Madi Lawton

BFS: What’s been the best part about being on tour?

Mark: Playing awesome shows every night, seeing new places and new people. It’s all great.

Matt: Yeah

BFS: So you recently released a new album, “Tell Your Mother” what was the inspiration behind it?

Mark: Yeah we just wanted to make this modern funk record using all of these new cool tools like all of these software synthesizers and stuff, theres so much crazy technology that we wanted to take advantage of to make a funk powerhouse album.

BFS: One of your songs is title "Boogie Bear," what the hell is a “Booger Bear”?

Matt: A booger bear?

Mark: It's an unkept woman, basically---

Matt: It's like a hot chick that doesn’t shower basically

BFS: Festivals are starting to release some of their lineups and other information, if you guys could play any festival this summer what festival would it be and why?

Mark: Is Tomorrowland during the summer?

Matt: That one, definitely that one.

Mark: I just want to play a festival in Europe

Matt: I want to play them all

Mark: Tomorrowland looks epic on all of their recap videos.

*Manic Focus looks over and tells us we should ask the guys what an “Italian Chandelier” is, which is the name of a song by The Floozies*

BFS: So what is it?

Matt: It’s a sex position

Mark: Uh I mean its kind of graphic, it's like the guys on his back and the girls on top and also on her back--- like crab walk style, it's fun.

Matt: It sounds real classy though, but its not at all. (Laughs) 

BFS : If you had to collaborate with a top 20 artist who would you work with?

Matt: Justin Timberlake

Mark: That would be really cool, Frank Ocean would be awesome too

BFS: You’ve got some pretty close ties to GRiZ, what is it like working with him?

Matt: Awesome!

Mark: Yeah, he’s really inspiring he works really hard on music all of the time, and he’s really nice. Its just great working with him to be honest.

Matt: I don’t think I’ve ever seen him feeling something negative

Mark: Yeah--- he’s always positive to be around

BFS: What is the top played song on your ipod right now?

Mark: I’ve been listening to Lettuce a lot, really just the whole Rage album from Lettuce, I think it was two albums ago?

Matt: I’ve been listening to Black Water by the Doobie Brothers a lot.

BFS: You guys are brothers, what is it like constantly working with your brother?

Matt: It sucks really bad

Mark: It's actually awesome. We don’t fight--- we never really fought.

Mark: Yeah, very rarely

Matt: I was always like really immature, and he was always cool for his age, so we like met in the middle and we’ve been friends-- like playing GI Joes when I was in like 8th grade.

Mark: Yeah, musically it helps a lot too. We’re on the same page, like we don’t even make set lists because we just know where we want to go.

Matt: We listened to the same music growing up, so when he produces a track its pretty much guaranteed that I’m gonna like it because we liked all of the same shit.

BFS: What made you decide you wanted to make music together? What exactly triggered that?

Matt: That was already looping on its own, then he (Mark) had the idea to add a drummer

Mark: He was doing like coffee shop gigs playing the guitar and I was going to a lot of shows and playing the drums a lot.

Matt: And we saw EOTO--- what was that like 2008?

Mark: Yeah

Matt: Up until then I didn’t think that you could do live looping--- because we’re from Kansas, we didn’t get a lot of electronic stuff come through town even five years ago. EOTO and Vibe Squad and that was it, then we saw them (EOTO) and it was like an epiphany! Like, you can do this stuff on stage.

Mark: EOTO was definitely a very big part of it.

BFS: Would you say EOTO is one of your favorite live performances to see?

Matt: Yeah! They’re a lot of fun!

Mark: At the time we hadn’t seen anything like it you know? They gave us the idea that we weren’t the only people out there that could create a lot of sound without adding a lot of members (to the band).

BFS: What is your favorite place to perform?

Mark: Hometown gigs are always awesome, we’re from Kansas so its great to play there.

Matt: New York City was amazing, that has to be my favorite. I like playing out here too, because its very pretty here, its nice. Atlanta too, Atlanta is a lot of fun. Oklahoma, you wouldn’t think it would be that cool but its actually pretty cool.

BFS: There’s only a few weeks left in 2013, what are some of your goals for 2014?

Mark: I want to play Europe and Red Rocks

Matt: Ditto

BFS: I know we would love a Floozies Red Rocks show!

Mark: It’s just the coolest venue ever

Matt: yeah, that and just to keep playing a lot, keep pushing, making a lot of music.

Written and Interviewed By Madi Lawton