SnowGlobe Music Festival

     SnowGlobe music festival is making its way back to South Lake Tahoe with an array of talent. The three day festival takes place December 29th through the 31st. Even though only a few of the headliners and other artists have been announced, it's lineup is truly promising (keep in mind, not even the entire lineup has been released). With the perfect mix of EDM, indie, live performance, and other unique factors, this New Years festival is sure to be of epic proportions.  

     As previously mentioned, this lineup will be graced with some truly breathtaking live performances.  In particular by no one other than the boy of the future, Porter Robinson.  He has recently been touring North America with his Worlds tour enlightening every soul that his genre defying frequencies hit.  This will also make SnowGlobe his first Worlds live festival performance, which I can only anticipate will be one of the best shows of the year.  Other acts including Flume, Odesza, Phantogram, Trippy Turtle, and a number of other talented artists are piecing together to form one of the most unique experiences and lineups of...well ever.


     SnowGlobe is expected to bust out all of the stops this year and provide its audience with the best musical experience to compliment the winter wonderland around them.  Pay attention to SnowGlobe's Twitter and Facebook for more lineup additions and news on tickets. Early bird tickets just sold out, now regular priced tickets as well as shuttle passes can be purchased on the website. Don't snooze on your chance to ring in the new year with some real talent. 

All photos are the property of SnowGlobe Music Festival. 


Written by Megan Holland.