Reggae Hits the Rocks This Summer

By Taylor Robinson

Reggae on the Rocks 2014 was my first concert out  in Colorado, and what a warm welcome. With Rebelution, Black Uhuru, The Green, and Israel Vibration on the line-up, it was a solid twelve hours of good vibes and even better music. It truly exemplified what Colorado was all about.


On Saturday August 22nd, 2015 Red Rocks will be presenting another infamous Reggae on the Rocks with Sublime as the headliner. After experiencing Reggae on the Rocks 2014, I thought it would be tough to top last year’s line-up, but seeing who is headlining it this year has proved me to be completely and utterly wrong. The first ever Reggae on the Rocks was on August 12th, 1988, in which the artists who performed were The Neville Brothers, Jimmy Cliff, Burning Spear, and many more. This venue continuously brings notorious reggae stars from all over year after year to perform on the greatest stage in America. This will most definitely be a show you do not want to miss.

People of all ages, colors, and sizes are always in attendance at Reggae on the Rocks, and that is what is so beautiful about this genre of music. It brings so many different people together to stand on one common ground; the love of reggae music. You will see millions of flowers in everyone’s hair along with flowy skirts and swaying blouses. Everyone brings their most unique outfits to Red Rocks, not to impress, but to express their own individual personalities. So when you’re still contemplating on what to pull together as an outfit make sure it defines you and makes you feel comfortable. Reggae music is all about feeling who you are and expressing yourself, and what better way to show that than being with thousands of other fans enjoying the same music.

With Sublime just coming out with their new album ‘Sirens’ that is available July 17th, this is the perfect show to debut their album with Rome to Colorado. Prior to their upcoming release of their latest work; the first debut album Sublime created with Rome, ‘Yours Truly’, was released July 12th, 2011 by Ramen Records. There’s no doubt Sublime will be throwing it back with some tunes from their earlier albums like ‘Second-hand Smoke’ and ‘Sublime’ of course.

From past experience, it is my suggestion you purchase a parking pass along with your ticket in order to get prime spots. After twelve hours of moving and grooving you’re going to want to look forward to a short walk to the car rather than  down Mt. Everest. The tickets are on sale right now for $50.00-$55.00, which is a decent price for the experience that is coming along with it. As far as timing goes, you will want to get there fairly early to meet up with your crew and start the infamous tailgates in the lots. Make this year’s Reggae on the Rocks your own experience and make it something special.

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