Black Box's 'Don't Miss' List: September

Bass Feeds the Soul here, back again to check in and make sure you're getting your healthy and required dose of bass each and every day! As you know we are quite fond of the underground bass sanctuary known as The Black Box. All of those in the Denver bass scene slither in on from Tuesday to Saturday to get down to the contagious momentum of the bass that reverberates off the walls of this heavenly lil' venue.

Of course they are stacked for the entire month of September, so here we are to break it all down for you. Not to mention, make it a little easier for you to spend all that hard earned money on show tickets, like you always do. 

Thursday 9-6: Mad Zach and Phlo + The Medicine Men and SmokeStack

The futuristic vibrations from Berlin native, Mad Zach, will be bouncing off the walls of the Black box this Thursday. Check out this innovative creator as he traverses through his personal Soundpack collections of weird, wompy and wonderful to please you lovely people of Denver.


Prepping the stage for Zach, with a Denver local, a true Black Box native and all around talented human, Phlo. A creator in his own right, his name suits him. Flow through a galaxy of glitchy trance and highly vibrational sound with this up and comer. He should definitely be on your radar.

Check out this Mini mix full of unreleased tasty teasers to get your ears tinglin’: 

Tuesday 9-11: Beak Nasty + Thought Process


Welcoming back one of our favorites, the Denver based duo Beak Nasty for a funky, magical night. A combination of passionate drive and seductive sounds by producer/turntablist, Ryland Sabien and percussionist/loop-master, Phil Ade (also known by Foxy Dope). The reverberation of raw drum beats, hand crafted by Phil, mixed and meddled with by the creative mind of Ryland, will be flowing through your bones. With a chemistry so visible and contagious, a vibey production, and those funky organic beats flowing into one, to create a futuristic fusion. This is hands down one of the strongest up and comers in the Denver scene and you're a square if you don't come to this show. 

Check out their EP 'Spilling the Void' below: 

Another Denver native and equally talented up and comer, Thought Process will be backing them up and starting the night off right, be sure to check him out.

Soundcloud :

Thursday 9-20 Post Future Take Over Night One

From the creative minds behind the sound, culture and magic that is the Post Future family comes nothing short of an amazing night of music.

Headlining the evening is Otto Von Schirach with the best kind of bizarre bass you could never imagine. A combination-creation of visual mastermind and sound-wave magician, you won’t want to miss out on this innovative and unique set.

FRQ NCY will be preparing the stage for that weird-ish with his own intriguing take on underground bass. Deep guttural sounds, layered creatively with unique melodics.

Check out his most recent EP here:

Deeply satisfying bass mixed in with some saucy hip hop samples? Check. Vibed out trance blurred in to lasers and tense build ups? Check. Ready for a ride? If so, then be there for Mindset.

Check it out for yourself with one of his mixtape's : 

Leet will be making his debut in the mile high city and we are thrilled to welcome his innovative bass sound. He recently played a nasty set at The Untz this summer and you can check it below: 

Friday 9-21 Post Future Take Over Night Two

Levitation Jones will be headlining the evening with his unique, melodically but heavily glitched and bass-ed out sound. Truly in the game to bring you to a higher frequency. We look forward to experiencing whatever this Rhode Island native has in store for us.

Check out his set from Fractal Beach ‘18 here:

Ludge comes to us with a womped out and grungy vibe. A very trippy experience is sure to be in the books for this one. Deep, dark and sexy bass, that’s something we can f**k with.

Check him out here:

Rest in Pierce:

Grime Theory :

Tuesday 9-25 K.L.O. + Sortof Vague, GrymeTyme, pheel

We are thrilled to see that K.L.O. (the side project of creators/innovators/music makers Kursa, Lone Drum and Osmetic) has been booked by Submission for what should be nothing less than another killer, Electronic Tuesday. In true Slugwife fashion, this deadly trio will be slaying the Box with their badassery and glitched out sounds. Scratching, mixing, mastering they’re truly something to vibe to. We at BFS are more than thrilled to get to groove out to these masters of music.

Check out their album ‘Y’, we swear you’ll be sucked in if you aren’t already: 

Sortof Vague is a trippy delight, creating dope and drippy tracks that will have your goosebumps peaking and feet grooving.

Check out his live set from the last time he dropped by The Black Box: 

We look forward to seeing you all this month at our very favorite venue for all that is wompy and wonderful, The Black Box!