Space Yezzus (Jesus) Preview

Space Jesus
A Bass Feeds the Soul preview by: Soren Pietrangelo
Colorado will go intergalactic this weekend when bass music producer Jasha Tull, AKA Space Jesus, walks over the snowcapped mountains and steps behind the decks for a four-part tour through the bass capital. Born and raised in New Jersey, Jasha found his roots in hip-hop. The culture influencing the glitch-hop style sound that can be heard in throughout his productions. With a focus on a bass-line sound like no other, the one true son of the bass gods and goddess leaves many of his spectators in a state of suspended animation. They stand and watch in awe, their brains, minds, and bodies rewired and elevated to a new level of being through sound. Many others experience similar effects. However, they are alternatively found hanging off railings and balconies around Jashas loudest speakers, violently throwing out their backs.
Space Jesus encompasses you in futuristic sounds that are as vast as space itself. Jasah sells out shows all over the nation and has played some of the biggest festivals in this known galaxy, including Mysteryland USA, TomorrowWorld, Shambhala, and Electric Forest. He brings with him a cult following that is as dedicated as the most devout ministry, so while online sales for the remaining shows may be sold out it is worth braving any weather conditions or reaching out to friends to find your golden ticket. Space Jesus will resurrect Colorado bass heads from their post-Bassnectar slumber Feb 1st at the Animas in Durango, Feb 2nd at Agave, Feb 3rd in Boulder at the Fox, and lastly Feb 4th at the Scarlet in Central City. Keep an eye on the Bass Feeds The Soul Instagram for Live streams and videos of the experience.  - Jesus Christ