Space Jesus to Takeover Milwaukee's Miramar Theatre

Written by Arooj Mustansir

Space Jesus has had quite the year, from hitting almost every major electronic music festival in the country this summer, to collaborating with fellow legendary artists from his label Wakaan, and creating endlessly versatile music.  Experimental bass music’s popularity is at an all-time high, and he has established himself as one of the reigning leaders of the movement while paving the way for other innovators.  Now Space Jesus is currently on his ‘Morphed Tour’, teleporting place to place melting minds and dismembering souls with his signature sound.  The tour will be making a stop at Milwaukee's Miramar Theatre on October 18th to fulfill Midwest bassheads womp-filled needs.

Space Jesus is a mastermind of all things weird, wonky and intergalactic.  His sound breaks the mold in the bass music scene with its inventive and otherworldly quality.  He will be accompanied by Esseks and Of the Trees, who are up and coming artists that are pioneers in their own right.  Esseks is a producer hailing from Brooklyn whose enigmatic yet infectious style hits all the right frequencies.  His recently released EP ‘Broken Bones (Sticks & Stones)’ catapults you into a subliminal dimension bursting with grimey sub bass.  Of the Trees is a Maine based producer with cutting edge talent and the metaphysical nature of his sound design is evident in tracks such as ‘Kick Back’ and his new collaboration with Christina Soto ‘Heavy’.  These massively gifted artists' styles will seamlessly complement Space Jesus’ sound and will inadvertently expand the music realms of anyone lucky enough to witness their performances.

Beyond his undeniable skill, a major reason that Space Jesus stands out so much is his one of a kind fan base.  His music is a siren call for the most empathetic and unique people in the electronic music community and their growth is unstoppable.  Almost anyone that you meet at a Space Jesus show is wildly passionate and judgment free, so there is no better group of people to get lost in the extraterrestrial sauce with.  Grab your tickets here to witness the bass messiah in action!