The Floozies and Michal Menert

Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO The Floozies, Michal Menert,

Sunsquabi, Russ Liquid

By: Soren Pietrangelo

Brothers Matt and Mark Hill (The Floozies) are bringing their special

brand of Funk to the Red Rocks stage Saturday October 8 th along with

guests Michal Menert, Sunsquabi, and Russ Liquid. The Floozies are

native to Lawrance, Kansas, a state with a rich history rooted deeply in

Jazz and blues culture. The two brothers founded the group in 2008

starting with humble house parties. The Floozies soon rose to main

stage sell-out events after only a few years. The duo brings their

special blend of jazz, electronic, and funk to the stage in a totally

unique way. All of the music produced and played by the Floozies on

stage is done live! There is no sampling or pre-recorded sets, as the

music-minded brothers create the show from scratch. Once they get

on stage, Mark lays down a drum line and Matt proceeds to shred the

guitar and produce the various funky trap wubs in the background.

The Floozies create an awesome performance to watch which is

guaranteed to move your heart and more importantly – your booty.

This will Be the Floozies first headlining show at the world famous

Colorado venue, however it will not be their first time under the rocks,

as The Floozies made an appearance last year with "All Good Records"

label mate Griz opening for his "Evening Of Funk" in October. The pair

threw down some headbanging filth, while keeping the funky dance

fire burning the entire time. After their set Matt gave a moving 30

second speech expressing his overwhelming feelings of love and

appreciation for the community and family that this music creates and

brings together. The moment was one of pure bliss that sent much of

the crowd into an eye watering, heart warming, fuzzy moment that

will not soon be forgotten. The Floozies will without a doubt be pulling

out all the stops for this show, taking the headlining opportunity to

make this show one that will go down in progressive electronic funk


The Floozies will be joined by Michal Menert & The Pretty Fantastics,

label mates SunSquabi, and Russ Liquid. An intro line up that will not

only get the fire started but will dump a few extra gallons of gasoline

on this live instrument electric jam session. If you are unfamiliar with

Michal Menert, you may be familiar with his childhood friend Derek

Vincent Smith. The two started a group known as "Pretty Lights"

releasing their first album "Taking Up Your Precious Time" in 2006.

However after Michal was committed to an extended stay in a

Loveland CO hospital, he and Derek decided to go their separate ways,

and Menert started his own solo career in 2007. With support from

talent such as Michal and Russ liquid, the Floozies bench is already

stacked but when you add label mates SunSquabi into the mix you can

look forward to a night long jam session with all members' of each

group vibing and playing off of each other like they are one single

minded funky hive mind, whose mission is to make you groove and dip

all night long... Or at least till your back gives out from the funktrap

drops that any bass god or goddess would stand up and recognize.

The Floozies and friends will be joining us Saturday October 8th, doors

at 5:30pm, tickets are still on sale for about $50. Don’t sleep on the

Floozies, don’t sleep on the funk!