Bear Grillz w/ Midnight Tyrannosaurus

By: Soren Pietrangelo

Did you ever wonder what happened to Winnie the Pooh after he got sick of Christopher Robin and ate him? Well rumor has it that the bear found a home in Colorado, took up the name Bear Grillz, and started producing some of the dirtiest drops this side of the forest... Maybe I'm giving Winnie the Pooh to much credit; the man behind the Bear mask is RJ, and not much is known about this low-key individual. But we do know his alter ego Bear Grillz is a native to the Bass capital (Colorado). 

Growing up in Yosemite young Grillz began his music career as you might expect. After munching on a few tourists he came across one with a mac book pro. A few years and a few thousand YouTube tutorials later, he began his meteoric rise to super Beardom! With releases like “EDM," "Fu*k Off," and "Going Down (Under)," the Bear never fails to find the honey pot of bass, take it in his paws, and smash it all over your face. (I'll lay off the bear puns for a while now.) But all picnic baskets aside, seeing this bear throw down is something you ought to make a life goal. Grillz opened for Excision's Paradox in Denver, CO and some would say aside from the production that X brings to the table, Grillz's set was on par with the Bass God himself, perhaps a notch or two better in terms of transitions from song to song, as he was really playing to the vibe of the crowd, and generally throwing down a set that felt unique and fun to watch/listen to. 

The Bear will be back in Colorado this Wednesday, October 5th, at The Fox in Boulder and again on Friday October 7th, at Beta Night Club in Denver. Both shows are undoubtedly going to be amazing, but with the support from the one and only "Midnight Tyrannosaurus," Beta's lazer and light production, as well as the world famous FUNKTION-ONE sound system, Friday night will be most definitely lit. Additionally, the Bear’s new helmet will look pretty sweet backed by all the classic Beta visuals. 

Whether you decide to attend on Wednesday or Friday, you will no doubt experience some of the filthiest noises the forest has to offer. You’ll be left headbanging and dancing long into the morning, and the best part is the rangers have already been eaten, so we're good to go.