Corona Electric Beach 2016: DJ Icey, No Sleep, Shade, Supernaut, Mas Inc, Merlyn- Miami Beach, FL 2/13

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Saturday, February 13th



Miami Beach, FL



Known for bringing a fun in the sun vibe to legendary dance venues, Electric Beach is an EDM focused concert-event series sponsored by the legendary alcohol brand Corona. Thanks to the help of talents such as Diplo, Skrillex, Chromeo, Avicii, Tommy Trash, Paper Diamond, Bag Raiders, and more, Electric Beach invaded DJ booths nationwide in Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, The Hamptons and Chicago. Closing out the year, Electric Beach took over Miami's Art Week providing a collection of DJ's who embody the Miami Music scene while integrating a unique 8x8 vinyl art installation.

For 2016, Electric Beach will be popping things off with a bang. Having recruited DJ Icey, No Sleep, Shade, Supernaut, Mas Inc, and Merlyn, Electric Beach will return to Miami hotspot the Clevelander on Februrary 13th. Start the year right by enjoying the decked out poolside concert with ice cold Coronas and some of the hottest beats in Miami Beach. 

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DJ Icey


DJ Icey, The Merchant of Boom! For well over a decade Icey’s trademark sound of bass and beats has soundtracked dance floors worldwide. His indie label Zone is a top player in the worldwide Booty Bass / Breaks /EDM scene. Icey’s passion for the music is undeniable and on display in his constant touring from major festivals to intimate club spaces, where his goal is to deliver an booty shaking good time to the people on the dance floor.

U.S. based DJ Icey developed his passion for the beat by his steady diet of Miami Bass, 90s Hip Hop, Freestyle and Acid House back in the day. On the strength of his late 90s singles and album output, championed by DJs the world over, Icey burst onto the global scene with his award winning Essential Mix compilation released on FFRR in 2000,. This EDM legend's dedication to DJ'ing and Producing has earned him high acclaim from music fans to industry professionals.

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No Sleep

I have been writing and playing music since I was about 12 years old. I have produced music with Mac Miller, Oncue, and KR to name a few. I have also done tracking for short films and commercials. There is nothing that I appreciate more than you all taking the time to give my music a chance. I make music cause I love to. If you enjoy my music, be sure to follow me on soundcloud and twitter. I post music frequently.

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From the City of Bass comes Shade aka Alejandro Baez of Miami, FL (USA). Stepping on to the scene in 2005 as ½ of Electro Bass duo Autonomous Bass Heads he has steadily brought the funk and boom that many crave for. Now on a solo project as Shade he continues moving forward dropping bass on the masses and remixing whatever he can get his hands on. Born and raised in Miami he breathes and lives the bass which is instantly felt in all his DJ sets whether he’s playing Electro Bass, Miami bass, or anything else he chooses to lay on the crowd. You can find some of Shade’s original and remix work on download sites worldwide on labels such as Black Magic Records US, dPulse, Lectro Chik Records, and Gigabeat US as well a lot of his unreleased original work and remixes on his Soundcloud page.

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Supernaut is a Miami based DJ and producer who has been mixing and producing in the scene for years. He started out with drum and bass and slowly progressed into breaks and Miami Bass. Supernaut has held residency with world class promoters such as Culture productions and Future Sound of Breaks. He has evolved into all areas of EDM, spinning and producing everything from breaks, Miami Bass, electro, house, dubstep, trap and drum and bass. Supernaut has rocked alongside the biggest names in the game at parties such as Mad Decent Block Party, Future Sound of Breaks, Beats Syndicate, Stanton Sessions and so many more. Supernaut is a show stopper with a unique and diverse sound that has everybody moving even if it isn't their "sound". He doesn't define himself by one genre of music as his love of music has no boundaries.

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Mas inc

Born and raised in the 305, MAS Inc has seen and been seen at some of Miami's hottest parties and events. DJing since '88 and then discovering the underground in '89..throughout the north east until 94..Moved back to Miami and have been mixing since then .Music has been a major influence in Mas Inc's life. From techno in NYC to breaks in Miami, Mas Inch has been spinning with Culture Productions for 13 years and he specializes in breaks and deep house. Mas Inc is resident DJ at Duffys Poolside Sessions every Sunday.  

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Merlyn’s master plan has been unfolding long before his friends chose his name to describe the magical ways in which he manipulated sounds both behind the turntables and in the studio. Since the early 90's when he was spinning records at house parties and clubs while producing and engineering bass records in some of Miami's hottest studios, Merlyn has always been one to share his passion for music with others. While Miami Bass, which is still a large part of his style today, was the catalyst for his entrance into the world of the DJ and Producer, Merlyn's early days in the underground club scene at the famous Edge nightclub in Fort Lauderdale helped shape the sound that he is known for today by introducing him to early Progressive House and Breakbeat. 
"Bring Your Luv”, his first record which was recorded under his old "Quest" alias, became an instant American underground classic and catapulted him into the spotlight as one of the premier up and coming Breakbeat producers in the United States, while at the same time, inviting listeners to discover his incredible talent as a DJ as well. His subsequent releases on self-owned Dreamscape Recordings (such as the piano anthem "Search" and the darker acid breaks stompers "Spellbound" and "Incantations") and collaborations like "Path to Redemption" and "Taken” (which were done with old high school friend Jasp 182 on Insomniac Records) have earned him respect as one of the innovators of a sound that can only be described as American Breaks/Bass (without the corny samples) meets whatever the hell he feels like. 
His popularity has becoming more and more evident through fantastic recording sales and the constant demand for his songs to appear on CD compilations (including mixed CD's by Babyanne, Simply Jeff, Rick West, Chris Fortier, and many more). His never ending DJ appearances around the country at clubs and major festival events are proof of Merlyn’s emergence as a musical leader and a consistent crowd pleaser. 
In addition to his constant performances around the country, sales of his mixed CDs (the Breakbeat classic mix entitled "Spellbound" and the Progressive / U.K. Breakbeat mix, "Nu Horizons Vol.1” on Streetbeat Records) are continuing to rise in sales, with both CDs selling in excess of 50,000 units and climbing. 
Following is never something that Merlyn was good at. Leading is. Constantly evolving and honing his craft, Merlyn leads by example. Always maintaining the perfect blend of “up to date” sounds and dancefloor sensibility, he is destined to be one of the cornerstones of American Breakbeat for a long time to come.

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