Let The Music Do Its Thing

     Music is who I am. Music has contributed to who I am as an individual. If you are like me you understand that music is a lot more than just lyrics and a beat. Music does so much for us, but so many of us are unaware of what it is able to provide. There are a lot of things in life that we cannot control. From the people we are forced to co-exist with on a daily basis to the obstacles thrown at us last minute, there a lot of things that are out of our range of control, which is why it is nice to be able to tune in, plug in, and turn up YOUR music.

Photo By Calyx Ward

Photo By Calyx Ward

      Your playlist becomes this creation, this project that you somehow invested so much time into because music brings it all together. Think about the endless nights spent with the homies and the stories you are able to come up with; it is with certainty that there was a specific song or playlist associated with each and every one of them. These songs are filled with memories that create nostalgia when they come on shuffle. The instant that song comes on your mind rushes to that moment to reminisce, reflect, and depending on the stories, maybe regret a little too. These songs stay close to us because not only are they there to remind us of the good times, but they are there to remind us continue to make memories and stories to tell. As we grow up and get tossed around by life along with everything that comes with it, music is constantly growing with us and evolving, making it an even more exciting journey.

     Sometimes the world can get a little hectic. Being able to tune out for a little is a soothing technique that allows us to take a step back and a breath. Whether it is on your way to class, work, or in your room cramming for either one of those music makes it that much more enjoyable. I think putting life on pause and playing the music is the best way to clear your head and be away from it all momentarily. Countless athletes, artists, and other performers use music to pump them up before the big game or the opening show, and just be ‘in their head’. Athletes specifically are proven to have a better game after listening to their entire prepared playlist that provides motivation for the player.

     Our music proves to be a valuable element in our everyday lives, for it is something that is universal. Life is uncontrollable and the situations we are put in are sometimes unexpected and sometimes long awaited, but at the end of the day music is there to make it all seem a little easier. So appreciate music for what it is and see it for the simplicity that it brings to a world that is so complex.

Written By Taylor Robinson