Top 5 Hip-Hop Shows In February

As you may know there are not too many hip-hop shows that come through the Rockies, but there are a few from time to time. Here are the Top Five to check out this month:

#5 Riff Raff W/ Chanel West Coast & Future Heroes @ The Fox Theatre in Boulder (February 11th) All Ages

            Horst Simco, aka Riff Raff, aka Jody Highroller, is coming back to Boulder. For those who went to his horrific drugged up performance in 2014, you will be pleased to hear that he has since switched up his lifestyle by sobering up a bit. Known for his rowdy club bangers, this show is bound to turn up especially with the help of “Ridiculousness’s” blonde bombshell, Chanel West Coast, and chill frat rap duo Future Heroes, this show is bound 2 blast off!


#4 RJD2 @ Bluebird Theater in Denver (Friday, January 30th) 16+

            Legendary turntablist RJD2 will be playing an, as expected, amazing show at the Bluebird Theater. Known as one of the grandfathers to the electro hip-hop soul scene, we have been blessed with his electrifying sounds since his peak in the early-mid 2000’s. Ramble John, RJ, encompasses all the skills of an old school DJ. Spinning live records and using synthesizers he made himself just goes to show that this night will not be a let down, as this man knows his stuff.


#3 Theophilus London w/ Doja Cat & Father @ Bluebird Theater (Thursday, February 26th) 16+

            Theophilus London, took off with his hit song “Big Spender” ft. A$AP Rocky, and has been making more and more of a splash since his music debut in 2011. Although his most recent album, Timez Are Weird These Days didn’t get much more than applause from a turnt Kanye at the release, I still think it’s worth a spin. His electro/pop/dance hip-hop/rap groove gives a lighter feel for the hip-hop/rap scene that will make you move your feet, whether you want to or not. London is teaming up with recent upcoming stars Doja Cat and Father. Doja Cat the sensual hip-hop and R&B artist blew up from her Soundcloud hit “So High.” Father, one of the ATL new school artists is starting off strong with his earworm song “Wrist” and his Awful Records label. This joint is about to be lit.


#2 Wale @ Gothic Theatre in Denver (February 2nd)

            The D.C. bop revivalist is at the mid point of his Simply Nothing tour, which is in hype for his upcoming Album About Nothing. Known best for his chart topping albums The Gifted and Ambition, we should expect nothing less for this one. As his lyricism has sharpened and he’s matured, his music seems to have done the same. His stardom has blossomed to the point of Jerry Seinfeld catching wind, largely due to this album being a sequel to Wale’s 2008 Seinfeld influenced mixtape, The Mixtape About Nothing. This should be his greatest release yet.


#1 Logic w/ Michael Christmas & DJ Rhetorik @ The Ogden Theatre in Denver (Monday, February 2nd) All Ages

            To top it all off the amazingly talented lyricist Sir Robert Hall II, Logic, is fresh off his #1 debut album Under Pressure. After 10 years of hard work and dedicated fans, Logic has finally earned his spot in the hip-hop world. From hard hitting, Sinatra influenced beats, to his over your head metaphorical fire this new star is bound to grab your ears and earn your hearts as he paints the most vivid pictures that you can get down too. Also to add on, the self proclaimed homeless rapper Michael Christmas whose debut mixtape, Is This Art?, did swimmingly is bound to make as a great lead in as his “hippity hoop” flows are bound to get you swaying.


*Though he did not make the list an amazing R&B performer that should not go with out mention is Party Next Door’s show @ Gothic Theatre in Denver (February 11th). This artist as with most sensual male R&B/Soul artists is bound to steal your hearts and get you in the mood.