Calling all Bassheads!!! Bassnectar Returns to Red Rocks

Calling all BASSHEADS!!! We have some exciting news for you here at Bass Feeds The Soul HQ. Bassnectar will be returning to world-renowned Red Rocks Amphitheater for not one, not two, but THREE NIGHTS of bass magic this May!

Bass Freaks will flock from far and wide on the 29th, 30th, and 31st to get their faces melted on this epic 3-night run. As Bassnectar himself put it,  "whether you are a wild style Colorado Native, a freestyle intrepid traveller, an ultra-experienced old-schooler, or brand new to our underground community, we invite you with open arms!" 

We are particularly excited about this announcement, following previous claims by the man Lorin himself last year at Belly Up that he would not be returning to Red Rocks. Although that previous announcement was disheartening, we are relieved to hear that we will be able to experience Bassnectar's madness at one of our favorite venues yet again!

With openers such as Lindsay Lowend, G Jones and Benga we have very high expectations! The addition of yet another night of Bass is an improvement in itself, but all the additional openers have got us on the edge of our seats!

Nightmares on Wax does a lot of vinyl performance, which nicely reminisces the theme of Bassnectar's performances two years ago with DJ Shadow as an opener.

G Jones graced us as a fantastic opener for Nectar at his New Year's Eve 360º show, setting the energy for the night, so we are particularly excited that he will be paired with Bassnectar again during the first night of Red Rocks. Son of Kick will be making an appearance as well, after being on the entirety of the NVSB tour, and Lindsay Lowend opened for the final show on the NVSB tour in San Francisco. Seeing all these artist reunited and celebrating at such a special venue will be a treat. 

In the spirit of Bassnectar's "Live-in-the-moment" attitude towards his music and performances, Lorin also posted this heartwarming message regarding the three-night run at Red Rocks:

"We expect a similar frenzy as we expand to a third night - as our community expands we want to remind you that you can be a visceral part of the experience. If you're brand new come with an open heart and no expectations; if you've been to a hundred shows come show the newbies how it's done or get behind-the-scenes to help enrich their experience; bring your friends & family and let's shake the earth and ride across the diverse spectrum of noise vs beauty!!!!"

Presale tickets will be released this Wednesday, January 28th @ 10:00 AM MST, and Public Onsale tickets will be released on Saturday, January 31st @ 10:00 AM MST via