Disney vs. Deadmau5

     Today Disney revealed that it would officially be taking legal action in suit against Joel Zimmerman, saying his mouse helmet is too similar to the corporation's Mickey Mouse. The Mickey Mouse face is about as trademarked as it gets, so it's no surprise the company would be up in arms about a potential threat to it's icon.  


    Disney believes it would damage their business in the U.S. and around the world if Zimmerman were to officially be granted trademark for the head.  Deadmau5 doesn't sound too worried about the law suit when he took to Twitter (of course) to make a statement on the opposition:

     It will be interesting to see how much money Disney is willing to shell out to prevent the Producer from using the logo even though the mouse head is already trademarked in 30 countries. We await the turn out, long live the Mau5 head!