Electro-Circus troupe Lucent Dossier Experience Headlines Shambhala as Last Stop of First Headlining National Tour

Los Angeles based, Electro-circus troupe Lucent Dossier will be headlining Shambhala’s famous Village Stage on Sunday night at 10PM. Lucent Dossier was founded by Canadian, Dream Rockwell, who also is co-founder of Lightning in a Bottle Festival.

As ambassadors to a creative revolution, this world-renowned act seeks to redefine the live experience by tearing down walls which separate artists and observers. Lucent Dossier’s show embodies a futuristic turn towards high-art, with the overarching goal of creating transformative experiences for their audiences. Their shows craft a window into a new vision of humanity where other-worldly conceptions can be realized. LA Weekly describes their performances as a “world that doesn’t exist, a place where the future and past happen simultaneously”.

Lucent’s Shambhala set will not only be their debut at the festival, but will be the final stop on their first headlining tour. With months of nonstop touring behind them, this awe-inspiring act plans to present a totally unique and fully refined expose of their magic to the event. As a Canadian native herself, Lucent leader Dream Rockwell is returning home after years of progression and creative development all over the world

The show is set to live music from Lucent’s soon to be released new album, Light of the World. The release showcases the production and vocals of Lucent leader Dream Rockwell alongside singer Sarah Llewellyn and band members Atla Gadret and Metaphase. Their original sound represents a collision of eastern-ceremonial sonnets and deep sub-bass frequencies.

Throughout their 10 year rise from the LA underground to international limelight (having swooned audiences in over 12 countries), Lucent’s journey has been forged from the creative genius of Dream Rockwell, a visionary within both the transformational art events and avant-garde performance communities alike. The troupe consists of around 21 core performers with a stream of unique acts set for each city.