Warped Tour + Beatport Sign 3 Year Contract

     Electronic dance music has grown an unparalleled amount in the past year in North America, the movement in spreading and it's no surprise that companies will try to cash in on the deal in some way. Now Beatport, a Denver born music store that played a great role in establishing EDM on American Top 40, will have a stage at Van's Warped Tour; bridging the gap between EDM and rock music. Electronic music is not a new addition to Warped entirely, but having a stage dedicated to the genre will give attendees a chance to listen to something new and make the link between genres a little closer. Beatport executive creative director had this to say about the impact of it's stage on the company, "For Beatport we are known as a dance store, and for DJs, and that's never gonna change. But DJ is a really open word," he says. "It can be hip hop, it can be an indie rock DJ, it can be a total tripped out space disco DJ, the sky is the limit. And that's the cool thing about Warped tour, there is really no musical boundaries for us to stick to. So we can expand what music is on the store, what's in the service." 

     Warped founder, Kevin Kyman even tosses around the idea of remixing the sounds of Warped Tour's usual bookings to create something fresh and new, in hopes of raking in some new fans. The first Beatport stage at Warped in Houston, Texas went off without a hitch and seemed to continually have a group of fans vibing to the beats emanating from it. The marriage of two very influential music companies is expected to only add to the mass growth of EDM in the years following their signing.