Q-Dance no longer at TomorrowWorld

     Last year the first TomorrowWorld music festival took place in Atlanta, Georgia and went off without a hitch. The state welcomed in a hefty $85 million in revenue from the event; benefitting not only the economy, but the salaries for workers in the city. The only complaint from the Cedar Grove community where the festival takes place was surrounding a loud "thumping noise". Described as "hardcore music" at the community briefing, the Q-Dance stage is under scrutiny for it's music's violation of noise restrictions. For those of you who are familiar with Q-Dance, "hardcore" is definitely an accurate description of the hardstyle artists that the Dutch based company is known for booking. Q-Dance has not yet released a statement about the fallout between it's production and TowmorrowWorld 2014. We can only hope that Dutch brothers, Showtek, make up for the loss in hardcore sound for the hardstyle community that attends the festival late September.