Space Yezzus (Jesus) Preview

Space Jesus
A Bass Feeds the Soul preview by: Soren Pietrangelo
Colorado will go intergalactic this weekend when bass music producer Jasha Tull, AKA Space Jesus, walks over the snowcapped mountains and steps behind the decks for a four-part tour through the bass capital. Born and raised in New Jersey, Jasha found his roots in hip-hop. The culture influencing the glitch-hop style sound that can be heard in throughout his productions. With a focus on a bass-line sound like no other, the one true son of the bass gods and goddess leaves many of his spectators in a state of suspended animation. They stand and watch in awe, their brains, minds, and bodies rewired and elevated to a new level of being through sound. Many others experience similar effects. However, they are alternatively found hanging off railings and balconies around Jashas loudest speakers, violently throwing out their backs.
Space Jesus encompasses you in futuristic sounds that are as vast as space itself. Jasah sells out shows all over the nation and has played some of the biggest festivals in this known galaxy, including Mysteryland USA, TomorrowWorld, Shambhala, and Electric Forest. He brings with him a cult following that is as dedicated as the most devout ministry, so while online sales for the remaining shows may be sold out it is worth braving any weather conditions or reaching out to friends to find your golden ticket. Space Jesus will resurrect Colorado bass heads from their post-Bassnectar slumber Feb 1st at the Animas in Durango, Feb 2nd at Agave, Feb 3rd in Boulder at the Fox, and lastly Feb 4th at the Scarlet in Central City. Keep an eye on the Bass Feeds The Soul Instagram for Live streams and videos of the experience.  - Jesus Christ

Wildlight and the Human Experience

Los Angeles based producer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist, David Block (a.k.a. The Human Experience) is back in Denver this month sharing the Cervantes stage with The Polish Ambassador and Ayla Nereo's collaborative duo, Wildlight.

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Corona Electric Beach 2016: DJ Icey, No Sleep, Shade, Supernaut, Mas Inc, Merlyn- Miami Beach, FL 2/13

Known for bringing a fun in the sun vibe to legendary dance venues, Electric Beach is an EDM focused concert-event series sponsored by the legendary alcohol brand Corona

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The Potential of Audiotool

     Audiotool is an up-and-coming online, digital music workstation and community, this means that it’s basically the school of rock for aspiring EDM artists. If that doesn’t catch your attention, then just know that it’s free- available to anyone with a computer and internet connection! If you’ve ever wanted to give producing a shot but lacked the cash or experience needed to start using professional music production softwares like Ableton or Logic Pro, you should consider Audiotool. 

    Based out of Cologne, Germany, the developers of Audiotool have been consistently updating it with new features and improved functionality since 2010. Its community has grown slowly but surely over the years, cultivating a group of talented artists and passionate followers numbering in the thousands. Users can remix each other’s work or share what they’ve made on other media platforms like Youtube, Soundcloud, Facebook and Twitter. What’s even more amazing is the ability of users to collaborate with each other from all over the world. 


     As I mentioned before, it is free and available through your browser. Lack of charge does not at all detracted from the quality of the application. The developers have put countless hours of hard work into giving the community several synthesizers, drum machines, samplers, mixing devices, and effects to play around with. This adds up to a total of  50,000 device presets that the user can tinker with to find their ideal sound. On top of that, users have access to “an ever growing, community fed cloud-based library of over 250,000 samples.”

      Aside from what the developers and community provide to Audiotool, you too can contribute your own sounds to the community. Through a MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface), you can create and upload your own melodies and beats with any synthesizers or drum machines you may have lying around. If you don’t have any of that fancy DJ equipment you can always upload recordings of acoustic instruments and vocals to use or remix in a track. Literally, the possibilities are endless when it comes to the potential that this application provides to its users. 

     The company welcomes beginners and insists that those without experience can manage the program well. It definitely takes some time to learn about all of the features that are available through each device, but the community is there to help. There are plenty of video tutorials on Youtube detailing the specific function of each obscure knob or button on the instruments and mixing devices that are available to the user. Audiotool also has its own wiki  to explain the general function of each device, however it is less specific than the aforementioned video tutorials. If you hear a track posted by a fellow Audiotool member that you really like, you can always click the “remix” button to open up their work in the application to see how they produced the sounds that they did. Sometimes this can be more helpful in discovering how to produce a specific sound or effect that may not be explained in any video tutorials. 

     Audiotool is a powerful platform for aspiring artists to get their feet wet with digital music production.They plan on making some great leaps forward this year, hinting at the possibility of a brand new version of Audiotool being delivered to the community later this summer. They are promising to bring brand new features and improved performance. One such feature, which is quite a game-changer, is the possibility for live collaboration between users. So, I call on all music lovers, regardless of your musical taste, to join this community! Whether you choose to simply listen to what other users have published or create some music of your own, Audiotool is a wonderful online community to share your passion for music.

Written by: Pierre LaBelle

*Note none of the photos used in this article are property of Bass Feeds the Soul and Belong to their respective owners.

FestiDrops: A brand new company bringing the best of festival merch to you monthly

    Who wouldn’t want to get monthly care packages in the mail? And who wouldn’t want to be sent a package are full of original art, t-shirts, stickers, and more? FestiDrops, a brand new company out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, does just that. Go online, choose your monthly subscription, and soon a festibox will be dropped at your door!

    There are a few different options when it comes to your monthly subscription, ranging in price and package deals. Tier One, “The Simple Life,” is the most affordable going for only $10 a month! In the package you are sent one pin and a poster or print of original art. Tier Two, “The Good Life,”  goes for $20 monthly. This option guarantees 2 pins, a piece of art in the form of a print or poster, a sticker pack, and the artist of the month piece. Tier Three “The High Life” goes for $35 a month and includes three pins, a piece from the artist of the month, a sticker pack and a festival clothing item or accessory which can be anything from a t-shirt to glass blown pendant. For $50 a month you can subscribe to a tier 4 package, “The Sweet Life,” which is loaded with festival goodies. Tier four includes 3-4 pins, a piece from the artist of the month, a sticker pack and festival apparel, which could range from t-shirts and pants to snapbacks!

    There are also specialty packages, a Third-Eye Pinecone Package and a Couples package. The Third eye Pinecone package goes for $100 a month and sends you a pinecone (which retails at a minimum of $70) each month along with five pins, an article of festival clothing, a sticker pack and art of the month! The Couples package includes 4-6 pins, art of the month and one male and one female article of festival clothing!

    Once you decide what package is the best for you, you sit back and wait for your goods to arrive! Once it does, it will look something like this:


The FestiDrop box will arrive at your door looking something like this the second week of every month.

What's Inside?


Sticker Pack: The tier four option includes a sticker package, which gives tons of stickers featuring original art and designs.

Festival Item:
The festival item can range from being a t-shirt, to a pair of pants even a snap back! This awesome Dead Bear t-shirt came with mine!

Artist of The Month piece:

You will also be sent a piece of art for the featured artist of the month! My package included these awesome prints:

Focus DropBox by Ben Smith aka "Ben's Focus"

Focus DropBox by Ben Smith aka "Ben's Focus"

By Tyler Epe

By Tyler Epe

"Attuned" By Abbey Aura

"Attuned" By Abbey Aura

"Contact" By Amanda Wolf

"Contact" By Amanda Wolf

Pins: Also included in my box were these awesome pins! The Kygo dreamcatcher is definitely my favorite!

Bus to Show Offers Ride to Euphoria Music Festival

    Festival season is right around the corner, and that means music, hot weather and road trips, lots of road trips. Being in the car for hours at a time with friends can be a blast, but the traffic, late nights, and being in such small quarters can be rough. However, if you’re in Colorado looking to make it to Euphoria Music Festival in Austin, Texas you have a different option. The non-profit company Bus to Show is offering buses from both Denver and Boulder to and from the festival. Sit back and relax during the 14 hour drive and get your whole crew together to go! With headliners like Pretty Lights, Ghostland Observatory, STS9, RL Grime and more it’s sure to be one of the best festivals of the season. The buses are set to leave Thursday April 9th, and return Tuesday April 14th. Reserve your spots here!

Let The Music Do Its Thing

     Music is who I am. Music has contributed to who I am as an individual. If you are like me you understand that music is a lot more than just lyrics and a beat. Music does so much for us, but so many of us are unaware of what it is able to provide. There are a lot of things in life that we cannot control. From the people we are forced to co-exist with on a daily basis to the obstacles thrown at us last minute, there a lot of things that are out of our range of control, which is why it is nice to be able to tune in, plug in, and turn up YOUR music.

Photo By Calyx Ward

Photo By Calyx Ward

      Your playlist becomes this creation, this project that you somehow invested so much time into because music brings it all together. Think about the endless nights spent with the homies and the stories you are able to come up with; it is with certainty that there was a specific song or playlist associated with each and every one of them. These songs are filled with memories that create nostalgia when they come on shuffle. The instant that song comes on your mind rushes to that moment to reminisce, reflect, and depending on the stories, maybe regret a little too. These songs stay close to us because not only are they there to remind us of the good times, but they are there to remind us continue to make memories and stories to tell. As we grow up and get tossed around by life along with everything that comes with it, music is constantly growing with us and evolving, making it an even more exciting journey.

     Sometimes the world can get a little hectic. Being able to tune out for a little is a soothing technique that allows us to take a step back and a breath. Whether it is on your way to class, work, or in your room cramming for either one of those music makes it that much more enjoyable. I think putting life on pause and playing the music is the best way to clear your head and be away from it all momentarily. Countless athletes, artists, and other performers use music to pump them up before the big game or the opening show, and just be ‘in their head’. Athletes specifically are proven to have a better game after listening to their entire prepared playlist that provides motivation for the player.

     Our music proves to be a valuable element in our everyday lives, for it is something that is universal. Life is uncontrollable and the situations we are put in are sometimes unexpected and sometimes long awaited, but at the end of the day music is there to make it all seem a little easier. So appreciate music for what it is and see it for the simplicity that it brings to a world that is so complex.

Written By Taylor Robinson

The Rise Of Electro-Swing

      When young people of the 2000s think of their grandparents, they often picture unfashionable plaid button-up shirts, the smell of mothballs, uninformed questions about technology, and all things outdated. One of those outdated things, usually, is music. However, the rise of a genre called electro-swing has made possible a shared taste in music between young people today and their grandparents.  It is definitely a genre to look out for.


Caravan Palace (Photo Not Property Of Bass Feeds The Soul)

Caravan Palace (Photo Not Property Of Bass Feeds The Soul)

     The original American swing music was most popular from 1935 to 1946, during a period known as the Swing Era. Bands were comprised of a section of brass instruments such as trumpets and trombones, and woodwinds such as saxophones and clarinets. Swing music often abandoned the string orchestra and used simpler, sometimes considered "edgier," arrangements with improvised melodies. With double-bass and drums underlying the brass and woodwinds, swing was characterized by its medium to fast tempos, and a swing-time rhythm that was easy to get up and dance to. The name “swing” came from the phrase “swing feel” which described the music’s emphasis on the off-beat, one of the components of swing that made it so different from classical music and gave it such groovy feeling.


        By the late 1940s though, swing had either morphed into traditional pop music or evolved into new jazz styles such as jump blues or bebop.  Be that as it may, the 1990s brought a surprising revival of swing, fusing it with modern music and creating the genre now called electro-swing. Electro-swing combines vintage swing with contemporary production techniques and the styles of house music and hip-hop. For this reason, it is also commonly referred to as “swing-house”. It incorporates loops, samples, and melodies that either reference or pull directly from the Swing Era, but layered with and supplemented by modern electronic music. Electro-swing creates a dance-floor focused sound catered to the modern ear but also retains the feeling of live brass, woodwinds, and most importantly the fun and energy of early swing. It is almost impossible to listen to electro-swing without smiling or feeling an urge to move with the music.


Parov Stelar (Photo not property of Bass Feeds The Soul)

Parov Stelar (Photo not property of Bass Feeds The Soul)

      Two leading artists of the electro-swing movement are Parov Stelar and Caravan Palace. Austrian DJ and producer Parov Stelar released one of the first electro swing albums in 2004.  The album is called Rough Cuts, and is considered to be the pioneer of electro-swing. Stelar has since released 8 albums and many other EPs. He is currently touring throughout Europe, and is known globally as a leader of swing-house. French electro-swing band Caravan Palace released their debut album in 2008, which reached #11 on the charts in Switzerland, Belgium, and France. They released another album in 2012 and went on an international tour, and are currently working on a third new album to be released sometime in 2015.

      Though Parov Stelar and Caravan Palace are the big names of electro-swing, there are countless other producers entering the genre and gaining followers of their own. To mention a few: Boogie Belgique (Belgium), The Carlson Two (Germany), Shakti Bliss (U.S.), Grant Lazlo (France), Tallulah Goodtimes (UK), and Gangsterish (U.S.). These artists are part of a growing movement of electro-swing, bringing the liveliness of swing to the energy of electronic music. And who knows, perhaps soon it will not only be fans of EDM grooving to electro-swing, but nostalgic grandparents as well, who can show their grandkids what it was really like to get down to swing.

Written By Ashley Poindexter

Top 5 Red Rocks Shows To Catch In May

Living in Colorado, we are blessed to have amazing shows come through our state every month! May is just around the corner, and these are the top 5 shows you need to make sure you attend!

5.)   Primus and the Chocolate Factory with Fungi Ensemble w/ special guest Beats Antique

Red Rocks Amphitheater - May 7, 2015

      It seemed equal parts genius and obvious when Primus decided to throw a Willy Wonka-themed show on New Year’s Eve last year. During the second set, Primus performed the soundtrack in its entirety. There were no words to describe the perfect combination of elements at that show,  “It felt good.  It felt like we needed to be doing this”, Claypool recalls seven months later during an interview. I guess it felt so good, that he decided to take Primus into the studio to prepare the soundtrack for an album release. Claypool has become Willy Wonka in order to get the full depth that he envisioned for the music, and is about to bring it all to Morrison, Colorado. He has added two celebrated players from his multi-band roster -- Mike Dillon and Sam Bass with the help from these two artists the show now incorporates the marimba, vibraphone, tabla and various strings, to bring some depth to the sonic landscape and really shift the mood around during his performance. The new sound gets dark and creepy yet maintains the groovy danceable music they are known for. This reinforced version of Primus featuring the Fungi Ensemble after Les’s last solo bandOur project is a remembrance of Gene Wilder and David L. Wolper’s, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. This show will be an experience you will not want to miss, being able to see Claypool in a purple, velvet waistcoat and brown top hat is a must-see.    

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4.)   Global Dub Festival 2015 w/ Excision and Zomboy

Red Rocks Amphitheater– May 15, 2015

        For the fourth year in a row, Global Dub is returning to Colorado at Red Rocks. Veterans of the festival, undead bass peddler Zomboy and Excision are the first to be revealed for this sub-shattering and ear-splitting adventure. Equipped with 150,000 watts of earth shattering bass, courtesy of PK sound, Excision is coming to Red Rocks ready to go past the sound requirements and blow everyone away. Zomboy will be taking on the heavy influence of  “trap” but also incorporate some of the dirtiest dubstep beats that his fans will be mindblown to hear by his first drop.

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3.)   Tipper joined with the mystic visionary artists Alex and Allyson Grey and the spellbinding performance with Android Jones

Red Rocks Amphitheater – May 16th, 2015


Expected to be one of the most out-of-this-world performances of the entire year, Tipper includes artists that offer a variety of psychedelic visuals unlike any that have ever been seen at Red Rocks before. Add these visuals to the sound of the Funktion One sound system – a legendary sound system never used at Red Rocks before, and you can guarantee a wild ride. While Tipper’s unique mix of glitch-hop, glitch-step and downtempo psychedelic music plays the live paintings of Alex & Allyson Grey will tie this entire experience together. With one of the most unique, jaw dropping light shows the world has ever seen, the show does not stop there, with the “Electro-Mineralist Art” of Android Jones, this beyond the traditional art work will leave the fans speechless.

View some art:

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2.)   Gramatik w/ Cherub and Opiuo and the jazzy multi- instrumentalist, Russ Liquid  

Red Rocks Amphitheater - May 9th, 2015

       The Slovenian producer is fresh off one of his most successful years as a musician, marking himself as the third most downloaded artist on BitTorrent in 2014. Previously nominated for “Best chill out artist” and “Best Chill out track” at the 2013-2014 Beatport Music Awards, with his song “Sumthin”, Gramatik is sure to sell out Red Rocks like he has many times before. With the help from the electro-pop duo that is the dance love-child of 80’s funk, and pop-music from the future, the collab that is about to go down with Cherub and Gramatik is going to be better than ever. With the help from Russ Liquid who has recently played along with gramatik, the performance will be nothing short of groovy, incorporating his take on disco synths and finger popping bass the two of them will be unstoppable. Be the first to witness Cherub and Opiuo take on Red Rocks for the first time ever, you will not be disappointed with this show.

Check out their music:

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1.)   Bassnectar w/ special guests, Joker, G Jones & Late Night Radio, ESKMO & Lindsay Lowend 

Red Rocks Amphitheater - May 29th-31st

“Basses” are loaded with this three night show Bassnectar is about to throw down in Morrison, Colorado with on deck musical guests that include: Joker, Benga, Nightmares On Wax, G Jones, Son Of Kick, Eskmo, Lindsay Lowend, Late Night Radio and jackLNDN. While Bassnectar has played two nights at the venue before, this is the first year that he’ll be hosting a three night takeover. And seriously, this one of the best collections of talent in one place we’ve seen in awhile; night one features the sounds of Late Night Radio,G Jones and Joker while night two showcases another blend of bass music from jackLNDN, Son of Kick, and the recently returned Benga, I Will Never Change, have been overwhelming. Despite being only a teaser of what’s to come from Benga, this wobble some slice of meaty bass. Last, but most certainly not least, night three’s lineup consists of Eskmo, and the revered Nightmares on Wax and Lindsay Lowend, with his own unique soundscape of bright synthesizers, chords, and melodies overtop very rhythmic and often times unpredictable beats.This three day venture will leave the “bassheads” begging for more.

Get Tickets: Tickets have long sold out for this epic run, keep an eye out for tickets, but be sure you don't support scalpers!