Snowball Music Festival, which has been a winter classic to Colorado in it’s short four year run, will not be returning this year in 2015. The festival, which has endured the struggling effort of finding a permanent location for the festival, is taking 2015 off to refocus the desires  initially envisioned for the festival. Instead, Snowball will return to it’s original home in 2016, the mountains; which is exactly what the heart and soul of the festival was built upon.

     Earlier this week, Snowball Music Festival’s Facebook page announced this news to all fans:

“While we’re bummed to not be back for 2015, we’re already extremely excited about where we’re headed — back to the Colorado Mountains where the dream began [and where it will live on forever]. Thank you for your support and understanding. We’ll see you in the mountains March 2016!”

     Last year, due to location conflictions, the festival had to take place in April at the Mile High Stadium in Denver, CO. While the festival itself was still a big hit to Colorado fans, giving us Pretty Lights, Knife Party, and Griz, the lineup definitely took a questionable hit from previous years. In addition to it being in a stadium in Denver, the unique vibe that was rooted in the festivals beginnings were lost. It was still a great 3 day concert event, but it just did not feel like Snowball Music Festival. Although I was looking forward to the festival this year, the decision to take 2015 off was definitely the right move on the festivals part. Hopefully this year off will allow the organizers to be able to create that unique, Snowball experience for 2016 that will be completely worth waiting for.

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Written By: Christina Pitch

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