Having grown up in Colorado, one of the many things I am thankful for is having Red Rocks Amphitheater practically in my backyard. I’ll admit I haven’t been to every venue in the world, let alone in this state, but I have a feeling I will never find a venue I love more than Red Rocks. Let me explain.

For one, it’s a mother-freaking geological masterpiece. This magical place was even once on the Seven Wonders of the World list. Two, three-hundred foot monoliths border both sides of the seating – which is directed upwards from the stage. This makes for perfect acoustics. Fact: this is the only naturally occurring amphitheater that has unspoiled audibility in the world. And not only do the rocks make for great sound projection, they can serve as platforms for image projections too (see for yourself here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CkbAE9rOVv0). No matter which seat you’re in, you’re guaranteed a phenomenal view. From the very top, 2,000+ stairs later, the entire city of Denver is visible behind the venue. At 6,540 feet above sea-level, Red Rocks is the primo place to “get higher”.

Not only does Red Rocks provide music to millions of people each year, but it gives avid hikers, bikers, yogis, and more the chance to enjoy its scenery as well. There are two trails throughout the park which are available to the public at any time. If that’s not enough exercise, groups of people do workouts at Red Rocks weekly, where they run, jog, or walk up the stairs. Just walking the stairs leaves me out of breath and blurry-eyed. Luckily, the open-air amphitheater leaves a lot of room for a nice Colorado breeze, free from smoke and other airborne nuisances.


At a capacity of about 10,000 people, it’s amazing that Red Rocks provides enough room to comfortably dance within your own space bubble. The best part about this is room to breathe, get down, and even sit if you need a break – whereas shows or festivals indoors becomes incredibly overwhelming, with crowds anywhere from a couple hundred to tens of thousands.


Above all, the schedule Red Rocks has each year is impeccable. The opening date of Red Rocks was June 15th, 1941, and every year since then, Red Rocks has hosted only the best of the best. Some of these names include The Beatles, U2, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Furthur, Bassnectar, String Cheese Incident, Jack Johnson, the Colorado Symphony, and even various opera productions… and then there are so many more that it would be ridiculous to name them all here. It’s almost like picking your most perfect lineup for a festival, and then realizing 90% of your top favorites have graced Red Rocks. Some headliners even come back for a show annually, such as Pretty Lights, Big Gigantic, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Umphrey’s McGee, and the list goes on. Many artists have recorded their live Red Rocks show for DVDs, and you can bet that playing Red Rocks Amphitheater is definitely on their “Favorite Shows” list. Red Rocks always guarantees a party, because musicians vibe off the crowd, the crowd vibes off the music, and the enchantment of nature blows every other venue off the map. Oh, and that pre-concert tailgating thing is pretty radical too.

Whether you hit the rocks to dance your booty off, find your zen, get a sweat going, or even just for some picture opportunities, Red Rocks Amphitheater must be one place you experience at some point in your life.

Written By: Jaelyn Kohl