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Photo not property of Bass Feeds The Soul


I got together with the cinematic sonic bass producer/violinist HANNAH about her recent collab with An-Ten-Nae on the track, “Body of Ember.”


“Body of Ember” is a melodic bass space storyline in which tells the tale of a kidnapping on the latest release by An-Ten-Nae, Transmissions.

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So, the theme and storyline accompanying your collaborative song, “Body of Ember,” with An-Ten-Nae is that you were actually captured for personal musings. Can you tell me a little about that interaction and have you escaped?
Ha, yes, the Empress HANNAH was captured and temporarily forced to write painfully sweet melodies to counter the serious bass lines and crunk feel of An-Ten-Nae’s composition. She did escape in the end, but many fear the escape may be only temporary.

The title of the track, “Body of Ember,” brings a clear vision of fire and beauty. Does that have any purposeful correlation to your aura and what was the thought process of naming/writing the song?
For those fans of Lev Grossman's "The Magician King", Body of Ember alludes to the land of Fillory--one of the gods in the magical land of Fillory is named Ember.

How was it to work with An-Ten-Nae?
It was a really wonderful process to work with An-Ten-Nae. He sent me a very stripped down version of the song, and had me lay in strings, some of which he pitched down to be more in the realm of cello. I recorded these parts from NYC, and we did a very successful bi-coastal remote writing experience. I love his burning creativity and eccentric yet masterful vision on all aspects: the music and the way he gets music out into the world. On the note of collaborations, An-Ten-Nae also did a remix of my track LEYA, which will be coming out on Desert Trax this spring, alongside remixes by Kaminanda, Haj i Ji and Twin Shape. Can’t wait to share!

Plan on playing this song on any of your upcoming shows?
Come to Envision or Joshua Tree Spring Music Festival to find out!

HANNAH is also deep in the yoga/music/meditation scene, and performs her original orchestral and intuitive scores at numerous yoga festivals and studios around the world, including US and Canadian Wanderlust Festivals, collaborating with lauded teachers Elena Brower, Seane Corn, Eoin Finn, Shiva Rea, Schuyler Grant, Aarona Pichinson, and many others. She plays both an acoustic and a five-string electric violin, accompanied by her electronic scores. HANNAH’s sound and performances meld and blur genres in relentlessly inventive ways, creating a riveting sonic experience that is undeniable in its sincerity and refreshing in its originality.

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