The Morning Birds Summer Bloom (Optix Night Breeze Remix)

The Morning Birds have released a remix to their track Summer Bloom. Check it out!

About the Morning Birds:

After two years of an undying urge, a sense of something to say,
whispers that had to be answered, in a round house
with no corners of stagnation, only soft swirls which turned out to be
a vortex of creative force that resulted in the opportunity to convert something into something that wasn’t, but is, a world of truths emerged, all wrapped up in celestial energy.
With hearts full of love, The Morning Birds have produced
a song of illumination for you.

Undulating forth, Bloom is a hybrid of global lounge pop and jazzy doo-wop. Here is the result of contemplatively creative Samuel Markus striking the beats and bass line in tune with Jennifer Thorington’s cosmically velvet vocals. Bloom is something you might listen to on a lazy Sunday morning… or with likeminded friends on a late Saturday night. Or, just listen, love and allow.

Fresh, funky and eclectic, Bloom is remixed by 5 DJs from around the world.  It’s a melting pot of global grooves representing the cycles of the year, gently tempting you to decide, which season strikes your fancy?

The Morning Birds create, generate, and disseminate independently,
artistically intact, as they can be, on their own terms.
Looking forward to a world where you may feel the urge to…
pour yourself a glass half full, play the music, and call it good.

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