Seemingly taboo subjects like sex and violence have become commonplace for many new artists in all genres since the early 2000's.  If you enjoy Indie rock and are looking for a fresh new sound with a positive vibe, take a look at Nahko and Medicine for the People.  Coming Friday, March 13th, Nahko and his group will perform at the Fox Theater in Boulder.  The group consists of acoustic guitarist and lead singer Nahko Bear, twelve string acoustic guitarist Chase Makai, guitarist and vocalist Dustin Thomas, as well as Hope Medford on drums and Justin Chittams on the keys.  MFTP spreads messages of spiritual and communal healing - they look to inspire and motivate listeners through feel-good lyrics and a constant stream of positivity.  




       After releasing their most recent album in May of 2014 called Dark as Night, this band has really taken off. They have been traveling on their “Water Is Life” tour since October 2014.  From starting out in 2011 to now selling out consecutive shows on tour and announcing dates at big name festivals such as Electric Forest and Wakarusa, MFTP is really making a name for themselves and spreading their good message wherever they go! The String Cheese Incident took notice of this rising group and invited them to open for SCI July 26th at Red Rocks Amphitheatre! Make sure to get tickets for that and be sure to check them out headlining at the Fox!

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Written by: Dylan Bowman

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