On May 23-26, 2014, Mysteryland, the oldest music festival of the Netherlands, will be hitting the North American festival scene for the first time ever. In the past, Mysteryland has blown away festivalgoers in the exotic locations of Picarquín, Chile and Holland as a “nomadic” journey. Since its start in the 1990s, Mysteryland has been influential to European and American festivals, as well as the electronic music scene. This world-experienced festival focuses on bringing a variety of acts from around the globe to create a culturally diverse atmosphere that welcomes and enlightens all music lovers.

       Unlike an ordinary music festival, Mysteryland’s emphasizes cultural impact causing the experience to take on elements of music, theatre, interactive art, street performers, and more from all walks of life. To further the idea of discovery and new experiences, an entire stage is dedicated to local acts and the “next generation”, to fully incorporate all walks of musical talent from famous performers to those who just began their musical endeavor. In addition to entertainment, Mysteryland emphasizes the importance of respecting and loving the environment. An entire sector named “Celebrate Life” is dedicated to sustainability projects that attendees can partake in during and after the event alongside the entire Mysteryland family.

      The ideas of local participation, interaction, diversity, and sustainability have been coined Mysteryland’s “Festival Soul”. Its Festival Soul focuses on the overall experience of the festivalgoers in a setting that upholds and influences social responsibility and respect for both the environment and others— sound familiar? One of the most special and exciting aspects of Mysteryland’s North American appearance in summer 2014 is the festival’s location. Mysteryland will be in Bethel Woods, NY as the first multi-day festival to be held at the ’69 Woodstock location since the historical event that changed the aura of music forever. Mysteryland’s organizer ID&T spoke with Bethel Woods locals who agreed that Mysteryland’s Festival Soul encompassed the “peace, love, and music” ideals central to Woodstock. Locals are excited to see that the ’69 Woodstock mantra “Be friendly to nature, be friendly to the people around you,” is a central component of Mysteryland that can bring the love and happiness of Woodstock back to life for the first time since 1969.

       As if Mysteryland’s Festival Soul wasn’t appealing enough, the idea of an experience similar to Woodstock for our generation to see makes this a festival that cannot be missed! The loving soul of Mysteryland has gone on to influence key values of major festivals around the world, including Tomorrowland in Belgium. Camping days for Mysteryland are from Friday May 23rd to Monday the 26th with the festival held on Saturday and Sunday.

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Written By: Andrea Inscoe