Music and Art

  Can the un-expressible be communicated? Can the abstract be solidified? We all have our own individualized primal connection with reality – a connection that is vastly deeper than language and far more complex than can be comprehended. We all carry out our lives in a flesh cage that shelters our own individualized inner reality. These body vehicles are like islands – on each of our islands, we coast around this world and experience the incredible matrix of life on our own basis. Every thing that shapes who we are is externally experienced, but internally defined. For communicating between islands, we invented language. For expressing our own internal passions and interpretations of reality, we invented music and art. This funny idea carries one incredible implication: music and art are pathways through which we can express that which simply cannot be put into words. Through music and art, you can build bridges between islands and connect on the deepest of levels.



          The musician, the artist, the poet, and the dancer are all magicians of communication. Music and artwork share a powerful commonality: they are both physical manifestations of human expression and creativity. In listening to music, you can hear the melody of the musician’s soul. In appreciating artwork, you can glimpse behind the eyes of the painter and explore the inside of their mind. This is exactly why the worlds of music and art are so magnetic. The diversity in music and art is a reflection of the multitude of human personalities and expressions; in exploring these sub-cultures, one can dive straight into an ocean of human consciousness.



              The music scene today is at its most pivotal point in history. Live music is transformational, revealing, and magnetic. One of the most exciting trends in the music scene today is the increasing availability of live art. In combining live music and art, an incredible dance is initiated between two forms of authentic expression and freedom. In recent years, the electronic music scene has diversified in innumerable ways and given rise to a revolutionary counter-culture consisting of open minds and free spirits. Given this incredible momentum, it’s hard not to wonder how transformative the music scene will be a few years down the line.



By: Amanda Wolf