Movement is held within Hart Plaza in the middle of Downtown Detroit every Memorial Day weekend. Movement has been going on since 2000, but since then the people over at Paxahau have added more stages, more artists, and more art installations over the past 14 years. But, every year Movement/Paxahau tries to add more unique characteristics to the festival in order to express the love and equality that the people of Detroit have to offer to every festival attendee.

             This festival is a must see for most Detroiters, hailing acts ranging from DJ Godfather to Bassnectar. However, this festival isn’t like any other festival. Movement’s focus is strictly to uphold the legacy of the underground DJ’s that Detroit is known for. In the past year, 2013, Movement reached over 107,000 festivalgoers from all around the globe.

              Movement usually contains about five electrifying stages with roughly over 100 artists in attendance annually. The five stages each have their own personality with unique sounds at each. The stages are, The Red Bull Stage, Underground Stage, Moog Stage, Made in Detroit Stage, and lastly the Beatport Stage. Each of these stages contain a variety of sounds and genres that make Movement just that much more special. Within the Electric Forest stage, we can see more mainstream acts playing here such GRiZ, Big Gigantic, Gramatik, Noisia, NiT GriT, etc. On the other hand, with the Red Bull stage we can see more cornerstone artists playing here; artists include Mala, Pete Tong, Adam X, etc.

              Although Movement isn’t a camping festival, there are still many other options to stay close to the festival. The festival itself is only about 4 blocks away from Detroit’s own Renaissance Center, which to any “Non-Detroiter” is an iconic hotel downtown, along with having decently cheap night fares. Fares may vary, but average at $189.00 ( If you’re not willing to spend that kind of money on a hotel, have no fear Movement has another option. Movement also emphasizes the use of the Hostel Detroit ( for guests who are on a budget. This Hostel is only about two miles from Hart Plaza, so it’s relatively effortless to get to the festival and back.

  Movement celebrates the history of the Detroit electronic scene, but also gives appreciation to the modern artists/producers that take the stage at Movement every year. Movement is a festival that shouldn’t be taken for granted, it shows the simplicity of electronic music, and the steps the scene itself took in order to become what it is today.

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By: Chris Urbanek