A Colorado Winter Tour With The "Super Best"

Michal Menert is to Colorado as snow is to the Rockies – inseparable. Embarking on a wintery quest, Michal will be touring his home state of Colorado this month. You can plan to see him beginning in Vail (3/19), then moving onto Aspen (3/20), to Fort Collins (3/21), and closing with Colorado Springs (3/22). With such a versatile and beautiful state to call home, Michal takes every opportunity to play a show, no matter how big or small. Michal’s Winter Tour is sure to warm up some cold Colorado nights, travelling around the state with a Super Best crew of Krooked Drivers and Beat Server.


For those who still need more convincing to buy a ticket to one of his shows, all you need to do is take a listen to Michal’s recent EP, Elements. He told his fans that his new music is different than previous records, and he is not lying. His fans’ responses to this change in style is extremely positive, as I have only heard impressed reviews. The new EP has a fresh feel to it, like he has been revitalized and eager to let his soul shine through. Menert described this new album as a “tribute to alchemy,” where he combined the elements of the natural world and his own take on those emotional responses. Influenced by his parents and experiences, Elements is definitely Michal’s most emotional and powerful album to perform live. Michal Menert is known for his intense, all-encompassing stage presence, and when you’re in the crowd experiencing this creation with him in such intimate venues, it is almost impossible not to be hypnotized. Michal has claimed that Elements is his favorite work yet, so these shows are bound to be a brand-new encounter with this Super Best artist. Wait, did I forget to mention his newer LP set for release this month? That is right, Space Jazz, his most recent project, will be released sometime within the next couple of weeks. I would not doubt that it will be released during his Colorado tour.


His music is labeled as electronic, but Michal is the space-funk master of that kicked-back soulful vibe of glorious electro-jazz music. He produces the type of music that satisfies every concert-goer, whether they are the type to get mesmerized in the front of the stage lights, dance the night away on the floor, chill at the bar, or one of those who are not-so dance-inclined, lurking in the back. As a Colorado native, he always knows how to throw it down in the mountain towns. Michal’s smaller shows are incredibly ardent, intimate, and fulfilling. As sweat pours off his face and his expressions are painted with passion, it is impossible to feel disconnected with his energy. Do not miss out on Michal performing on his home turf, because he will be touring festivals all summer such as CounterPoint, Imagine, and Paradise Music & Arts Festival.



Written By: Jaelyn Kohl

Photos By: Madison Lawton