Live for Live Music

 Anyone who has experienced live music can relate to that feeling of butterflies fluttering in their stomach as they anticipate the amazing concert they are about to experience. As you walk into the venue you are just beaming with excitement. You find yourself smiling so hard at all these strangers because you already share such a deep connection with them in knowing they enjoy the same type of music you do. You look all around you at the venue and you are absolutely in love with this place that has brought all of these beautiful people together for the sake of good music. As the opener sets up and the lights begin to dim, the butterflies pound harder and harder.


           The opener gives you a chance to warm up your dance moves and possibly take some pictures with friends before you get drenched in sweat from dancing so hard. But we must admit to ourselves that the sweat is half the fun! The freedom to go as hard as you want dancing and not be judged is a part of the live music experience. The opener comes to a close and you’re so excited, you might explode. You scramble to the front, ignoring the dirty looks because all that matters at this point is seeing the face of the artist who has impacted your life so greatly. As the band begins to play you hear screams from the crowd mimicking your own You close your eyes and you begin to not only listen to this live music but you feel it. You feel the vibrations of the music tingling all over your skin and you can’t help but smile. As you take in the beautiful energy of this live performance, you in turn release the energy back into the universe by dancing your ass off. You dance harder than you’ve ever danced before; you just can’t help but move with the groove of the crowd which has become one synonymous being. You keep dancing and dancing and dancing, unaware of anyone or anything around you; it becomes only about the music and the feels it brings. All of a sudden it’s over and you take a deep breath and look at your friend next to you. You both have the biggest grins on your face and there are no words that can explain what you’ve just experienced.

       Experiencing a live show is more than just about the music but it is also only about the music. It is this extraordinary paradox that is unlike anything else. It is this amazing adrenaline rush that brings people together and makes us fall in love with our favorite artists even more. It is a communal musical endeavor that shapes us. And in turn we are shaped by the response of the crowd and the way you feel about the music from that point on. To sum it up in one word, live music is love.

Written By: Meghan Hargaden