Texas' Lights All Night packs an impeccable two day experience highlighted with some of the best artists in the business.  And we're not only speaking musically here.  MCP Presents in association with Highland Concerts showcase the 5th anniversary of LAN with a few new twists.  The festival will take place at the gigantic downtown Dallas Convention Center, which has been rated as one of the most optimal EDM venues in South.  Being that the festival will take place indoors surrounded by a climate controlled atmosphere, you can feel free to dress as wild as you would during any Summer festival.  

This year's headliners are prominent among the 2014 festival circuit and include our boys Skrillex, Zedd, Disclosure, and Armin Van Buuren.  What a sweet mix of grimy dub step, melodic frequencies, and endless trance to wrap up the last performances of the 2014 season.  However, not only will music be explored this time around.  LAN introduces original art installations, dj contests, costume contests and other new platforms that will together provide a truly immersive experience.  

Lights All Night will be held on December 26th-27th allowing you just enough recovery time to ring in the new year.  How else would you turn around the post Christmas blues anyway! Check out the full lineup video below and grab your tickets before their gone at www.lightsallnight.com. 

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Written by Megan Holland