LIB 2015 Exceeds Expectations

     Bradley, California provided for the perfect Memorial Day Weekend as Lightning in a Bottle brought out one of the most open minded, intellectual crowds imaginable. This transformational festival has been receiving high acclaim from attendees all across the nation, as the focus of this event was centered not only on the music, but also on the self improvement on one’s self. Aside from the various workshops set up across the festival grounds, this festival brought along 5 unique stages, including a silent disco and yoga stage to spice things up. Hosted by the Do Lab, Lightning in a Bottle was unlike any other festival I have ever experienced. Beginning with a beautiful drive through the heartwarming state of California, wonderful friends were made from the instant we arrived. The campgrounds were perfectly laid out to provide an enjoyable amount of space between neighbors and friends alike. With some of the nice outdoor showers I’ve ever witnessed at a festival, LIB did an excellent job at organizing sanitary needs with a variety of healthy food choices to keep everyone fresh and energized.


This festival was completely vegetarian, as no meat could be found anywhere throughout the different vendor booths. I know this may seem shocking at first, but with so much passion being poured into each food stand, the meal choices were simply phenomenal. Fruit carts were scattered amongst the various stages, and the newly installed bridges provided easy travel from one campsite to another.  Lightning in a Bottle drew out a very enlightened crowd, as many of the individuals who attended exchanged stories of some of the wildest experiences imaginable. The morning yoga sessions started each day off on an extremely high note, as the positive energy could be felt radiating throughout the entire festival. High fives and smiles were exchanged left and right, and new friends were being made on a very regular basis. The vendors brought some of the most exquisite memorabilia around, ranging from different leather clothing to pendants and crystals that were simply out of this world. With so many amazing places to hang out everywhere you went, it was hard to believe that this festival brought one of the most spectacular lineups around.

     With outstanding performances from house phonemes Thomas Jack and Bakermat over at the Woogie Stage, Odesza lit up the Lightning Stage which lead perfectly into a beyond captivating funk throw down from the rising Colorado sensation Griz. Saturday saw a variety of the filthiest trap imaginable as G Jones and Stylust Beats warmed up the Thunder Stage for a glitchy, organic performance from the Opiuo Live Band. Rounding out the night with headlining acts from both Flume and Koan Sound, its safe to say that Saturday was one of the most enjoyable 12 hours of music that I have ever experienced. Sunday provided the perfect finish to an amazing weekend as a rescheduled afternoon set from FKJ made way for creative sets from Big Wild, Stwo, and Snakehips. The future influence was wonderfully displayed by these immensely talented artists, and a headlining performance from RL Grime was just icing on the cake. On the other end of the spectrum, Tycho rounded out the weekend with a chill, breathe taking set to close out the Lightning Stage. All around, each day of music was filled with talent from top to bottom, and there wasn’t a single moment that something amazing couldn’t be found. This assortment of artists couldn’t be found anywhere else in the country, and the Do Lab did a phenomenal job at spacing them all out for everyone to enjoy.

    Overall, Lightning in a Bottle easily lived up to all the hype it had built. The organizers of this festival put a huge amount of emphasis on bringing the ideals and values the weekend had brought back into modern day society for all to feed off of. The workshops, attendees, culture, and music did a phenomenal job of doing exactly that. Everyone cleaned up wonderfully, as the grounds were left looking exactly as they had prior to the weekend starting. I personally felt like a whole new person after a weekend full of so much enjoyment, and I think I’m speaking for everyone when I say this festival was one of the best weekends of all time. I definitely plan on returning in 2016, and after seeing what an amazing job the Do Lab did this summer, I could not be more stoked to watch what unfolds in the upcoming months. I look forward to seeing all you beautiful individuals next May, and here’s to hoping that everyone had as inspiring of an experience as I did. 

Written By: Cooper Turley