Late Night Radio – Polaroid

Let me start off by saying that even as I try to write this article I can’t stop groovin’ to the songs bumping out of my speakers. Alex Medellin, aka Late Night Radio, has once again outdone himself. The release of his brand new EP Polaroid has continued the awesome week that Colorado artists have been having, which included GRiZ’s Red Rocks headlining announcement and Pretty Lights’ Telluride festival.


This EP is packed with the penetrating womps, soulful vocals, suspenseful build-ups and gorgeous melodies that Alex is known for. The time and dedication he puts into his music really shines through the intricate layers he’s spent so much time perfecting. Most of the songs have some sort of crisp percussion to keep the hip-hop beat in line, as well as some synths to add some electro in there amongst a layer of compelling, swinging drops and funky live instruments. Every beat that hits, you feel right in your chest, as if your heart were to take on the soul of the song. It’s somewhere between the sultry guitar riffs by Kevin Donohue of SunSquabi and Alex’s electro-soul hip-hop beats is some sort of hypnotizing effect that takes control of you. Your hips start to swing and you’re bobbing your head like the “Funky Chicken”.  


Late Night Radio’s composition of sounds is just too damn good. As each song subsides and the next one begins, a new journey takes off. His sampled vocals from old vinyl records tell stories of love, loss, music, or soul over dubby rhythms to create a full-blown emotion in every track. Upbeat, groovy, expressive, and satisfying, Polaroid is something everyone should be excited to hear live from LNR this year.


Late Night Radio will be going coast to coast, hitting up festivals such as Euphoria, Wakarusa, and Paradise Music and Arts Festival - with more announcements on the way. For the Colorado crew, LNR will kick off his tour March 6th in Vail. You can also catch Alex’s first Red Rocks performance when he opens for Bassnectar at Red Rocks Amphitheater on May 29th.


Listen and download for free here:


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Written By: Jaelyn Kohl

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