Late Night Radio Interview--- February 2015 At Gem & Jam Festival


To start this off, describe yourself in three words:

Thats rough, uhh Hip-Hop, Snowboarding and Coffee

Nice! So I know you spend a lot of time in Colorado, ever do any snowboarding there?

Actually I haven’t gotten to ride for the past two years, but I rode 100 days a year for five seasons in a row. I actually started making music out in Big Bear making their videos and snow reports and stuff. So I actually got my start in snowboarding.

Is that what inspired you or did you ever think you would be a musician before that?

I grew up playing piano and bass guitar and I never really went anywhere with it or saw it as something practical. It was a far off thing. The I went off to California and was snowboarding all of the time and I ran into some buddies who were making beats and I was like well I think I can do that and started getting at it.

And now you’re here killing it!


What has a huge influence on your sound, whether it be things in life or other musicians-- whatever!

I mean the biggest influence on my sound for me is music is just a chance to show emotion and express what you’re feeling at the time. It doesn’t make sense to me when people say things like “I only make tech house” and I’m just like well how the fuck are you always in the mood to make music at 128. How much can you convey with set limitations? So I’m always trying to make (different things). I release 20%, maybe, of the music I make. I make a lot of different things depending on what I’m feeling so I would say just life is the biggest influence. I’m just trying to make something genuine and timeless.

So with so much music made what is the weeding out process for the songs you actually release?

Everything I put out is generally six months behind where I’m at. It’s easy to make a song at first and be like “this is awesome!” because the song is fresh and new and if six months later you’re like this is still awesome it has something and it means something. So I just try to make sure everything has some kind of meaning. I’ll take fun bullshit kind of party stuff--- that’s what I do--- and play it live, because it’s fun and I don’t like to be serious all of the time. But with my releases I try to put out some meaningful stuff.
What are some of your favorite songs to drop during a live set?

Right now I really like this remix I did of Two Moons its a little mellow sound to the track. I also like to play a lot of new stuff that no one has ever heard and kind of see how they react to it.

What is the most listened to artist or song on your ipod right now?

Right now I’ve been bumpin--- well, I’m from Houston, so I grew up listening to DJ Screw and zero and all of that so I found a buddy here, Spark Master Tape and it like a dude from Ohio and it’s like screwed up vocals and dirty downtown rap.

What’s your favorite thing about being at Gem & Jam? It’s such a unique festival!

Honestly I just have so many friends here on the lineup and it’s my birthday in a hour so I’m gonna be with all of the homies, and the weather compared to Denver right now is pretty nice.

Do you have any crazy pre show rituals that you have to do before you get on stage?

Haha I probably pee about five times before I go on stage. (laughs) it’s just my nervous little tick.


Interviewed By Madi Lawton