Kygo’s Endless Summer Tour: United States


The Norwegian producer, Kygo, has been creating quite a buzz surrounding his tropical house style and eclectic remixes. Ending the summer the right way, he is beginning his “Endless Summer Tour” at the end of next month. Making a total of 12 stops, Kygo will span from the east all the way to the west coast, with plenty of stops in between. Along with himself, he is bringing Thomas Jack, another producer rocking the tropical house genre, as well as producer Amtrak along for the tour. Thomas Jack is well known for his hour long tropical house mixes, and Amtrak is another up and coming producer with an upbeat and elated style.


With his cool tropical house style blending perfectly with a carefree summer ambiance, the music of Kygo is unique enough to stand out in the mass genre of house music. The music captures the essence of summer, embodying those beachy vibes which are nothing but uplifting and feel good. The music has a wanderlust feel that is absolutely enchanting, and a perfect way to transition into the last month of summertime. One standout remix of Kygo’s is Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing”. Kygo puts his in tropical house vibe that transcends a carefree vibe, and makes you want to dance around, drive in the fast lane, go on vacation, and simply live and have fun. That is my favorite part about the tropical house genre- it makes you instantly want to get up and enjoy life. While most of his music embodies the more upbeat, house vibe with a tropical twist, Kygo also remixed The Weeknd’s “Often”, and showed that he can really mix it up. The remix is deeper, and mixes in trap but still carries that tropical vibe that Kygo does so well.

The tour starts off on September 26th, in Tennessee, and will end on October 18th in Chicago, Illinois. This is a must see tour to keep the summer living alive and to help support upcoming producer Kygo, as well as Thomas Jack and Amtrak. The tropical house genre is such a feel good genre, the shows will be filled with positivity, good vibes, and endless dancing away to those summer nights. Check the schedule below to find Kygo, Thomas Jack, and Amtrac in a city near you!

Written By Christina Pitch