GRiZ's "All Good" Change from Liberated Music

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Taking the country by storm, All Good Records has  transformed Grant Kwiecinski’s (aka GRiZ) personal label Liberated Music into something entirely new. All Good Records is the bigger and better-than-ever version brought to you by the man himself. Combining all the ingredients for the freshest, funkiest, and most soulful label, GRiZ has teamed up with funk-masters The Floozies and electro-soul powerhouse Manic Focus to bring All Good Records into fruition. Centralized in electronic music’s capital of Detroit, MI, All Good Records strives to represent eras of music from old to new, combining “old-school Motown soul, future funk, new disco, and cutting edge electronica”. The mashup of these genres and styles has given All Good Records new heights in the progression of electronic music.


Once just a college student at Michigan State University and now an internationally-known electronic producer, GRiZ has come a long way from his old DJ days as “DJ GK”. After putting in tons of hard work towards producing his own unique sounds, Grant found his calling in production and rekindled his love affair with the saxophone. In 2011, he released End of the World Party. Two years later, Mad Liberation was born along with Liberated Music. Fast forward two more years, and GRiZ has found himself in an overwhelming sea of support, with two great acts to add to his label, and years of music production ahead of him.


Starting off brand-new for the epic year that 2015 is promising to be, All Good Records looks to recruit dope artists with that funky freshness to help the label grow, all while evolving in their own ways. And although the label’s name has changed, there is one thing that has not: all the music produced by All Good Records will still be offered for free download, as well as a paid download for those who wish to support the growth of this new enterprise.

GRiZ with duo The Floozies at North Coast Festival 2014

GRiZ with duo The Floozies at North Coast Festival 2014

All Good Records stands for something much more than just music. It stands to provide a platform for conscious art to be shared with the world and spread the love of what their artists have created. “Show Love, Spread Love” is GRiZ’s motto, and has most definitely been carried into the making of the new label. These dudes have set out to make the world a more beautiful place to live, even incorporating volunteers such as GRiZ’s street team “The Liberators” to empower others to do the same. Noticing that there has been a shortage of positive energy in the world, Grant’s new label looks to be a brand that can foster this positivity and produce meaningful art.


Written By: Jaelyn Kohl


Photos By: (Top) Grant Kwiecinski, (Bottom) Hanna Danecker