Gem & Jam 2k15

Amanda Sage  live painting during the LA Gem & Jam Pre-Party

Amanda Sage live painting during the LA Gem & Jam Pre-Party

Gem enthusiasts, Jam enthusiasts and life enthusiasts, get excited! Gem & Jam Festival, happening on the 6th, 7th and 8th of February in Tucson, AZ has been a staple for good vibes and awesome sights for the past 8 amazing years. Although it has been constantly improving, this year’s 9th edition will be hard to top. Not to be compared to other music festivals, Gem & Jam raises and answers the question of how to make your experience even better. Their answer, and I think you’ll agree, is to extend an umbrella and include as many creative outlets as possible. Ears are for listening to good music, but how about other hugely important receptors? Eyes are for looking at beautiful things, and hands and skin are for making connections and feeling nature. Gem & Jam has you covered on all fronts, beautiful things to look at include brilliant artists, great-looking people, and an immersive setting. Interesting things to stimulate your senses are gems, minerals and other precious and spiritual stones.

The ears are definitely not ignored, good music ranging from Emancipator’s sublime mix of angelic samples and entrancing accompaniment of a live band, to the wonky and soulfully ominous sounds of Thriftworks, and everything in between. Every method of intake of wonderful musical vibrations is covered, with the festival hosting inside and outside stages, and fun silent discos and shows downtown Tucson late nights.

With so much excellent music, you might want to take an extra day off work for recovery following the festival, because you might not feel your body from all the of dancing and the overwhelming imagination rubbing off from everyone. Get inspired and transmuted to different dimensions by the plethora of artists and artisans painting live or sharing their creations and findings at the bazzar and galleries. Consider going to Alex and Allyson Grey’s workshop and learn from minds that achieve artistic illumination on a daily basis. Watching artistic performances is also a good use of your time as Cirque Roots, other acrobats and all amateur and professional light and body manipulators will blow your mind. After that, relax in the Chill Zone, but not too hard, because the festival isn’t over and all the artists get their creative fuel from involved and interested fans.

Get the festival season started right and get your pass to Gem & Jam.

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Written by Florin C