Emerging Artist Space Jesus Sami Elkan

Jasha Tull, better known as Space Jesus puts the divine into producing and preforming; his skills will take you out of this world. As the Brooklyn native preforms, he mouths his strange comedic lyrics and makes bizarre, over exaggerated smiles. He sways back and forth, his Jesus-like black hair moves with him in tune with his dark, funky basslines. Space Jesus’ music touches on many EDM genres with a focus on trap. During the past year, Space Jesus and Rob Uslan, or Supersillyus formed the duo “Schlang,” both similar in their dark jocular production tendencies and their long hair. Schlang serves as a side project to both, as they continue to focus on their own music endeavors.

Space Jesus is no alien to the EDM world. His mission began in 2010, but he has accomplished more than most electronic music artists achieve in six years. He started at smaller clubs and venues, and quickly made his way to the festival scene. At Camp Bisco in 2013, his celestial silent-disco performance created a multitude of all-hailing Space Jesus followers. This past summer, he preformed at smaller festivals such as F.A.R.M. Fest and larger ones, such as Sonic Bloom and Hudson Project, his greatest undertakings thus far. Space Jesus is currently opening up a couple shows for Break Science on the East Coast, and will mix at a couple upcoming shows in Texas. Sadly, us earthlings must wait patiently for Space Jesus to announce an official tour of his own.