Emerging Artist: SilentTheMind

     SilentTheMind is just one of the many creative personas of Sir Cody James Ernst, although really there is no “Sir” in his name - he added the title during our interview, and so it sticks. He is an up and coming artist out of Denver, Colorado, and his days are filled with music: from jamming out to the Black Keys in the shower to throwing down some beats in his basement during the wee hours of the morning. Using Logic as his main production tool, he also uses Maschin for beats and rewires his Ableton into the Logic program to use as a plug-in to attain even more sounds, adding to his levels of production. And even though the majority of his music comes out of a laptop, the dude kills it on the guitar, can keep up on a keyboard, has a past with the flute, also recently began teaching himself how to play the mandolin and picked up some singing lessons. Since the age of 12, when his father bought Cody his first guitar, he has been a master of music.

      With influences ranging from Gramatik to Excision, SilentTheMind has a treasure box full of music of all genres, tempos, and hertz. I recognize SilentTheMind as a dirty, filthy dubstep artist, but that could attribute to all his grimy Snapchat videos that pop into my inbox, or maybe the fact that he was the first person to ever say the word “dubstep” to me.

      “I got a dirty side to me, I will totally go to a dubstep show and just mosh my face off, but right now I’m way more into producing downtempo/funk. Gramatik is tearing up the scene, doing so much good shit, just utterly and completely killing it. I love (all genres) to complete equal values, some things I just get down to harder…except country music.”

      More of his influences include Emancipator (he’s digging the new ensemble), Sedoux (a “big old fat German bastard” who’s Machine Gun Army tour is the perfect place to do some head-banging), and Datsik, with his label Firepower Records and friend Trollphace.

     And to think that this passion of electronic music all started a couple years ago, when Cody’s cousin introduced the realm of dubstep to him for the duration of a 24 hour road trip to Wisconsin. That playlist included names like White Night out of Belguim, Zeds Dead, Excision and Datsik.

      However, SilentTheMind has been teaming up with violist and homie Martin Fairlie to create the Vibe Tribe, a music duo that is sure to wow the pants off everyone in the near future. With hopes to create a legitimate (possibly bluegrass) band with its own written music, complete with horns, strings, and good vibes, SilentTheMind and The Vibe Tribe are about to skyrocket into the music scene of Denver. Make sure you hop on their fan train into a world of incomparable sound.


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Written By: Jaelyn Kohl