Emerging Artist - Illestry

       Darren Westby, better known by his stage name, Illestry, is a 20-year-old rising electronic frequency shaper who is currently studying music production at Icon Collective in Los Angeles, California. Combining a wide variety of elements in the electronic spectrum into a uniquely uptempo yet intimate type sound, Illestry is showing early shimmers of greatness with some of his very first releases. Illestry’s sound can definitely be classified as future trap, and he even goes on to dub some of his own productions as “Illestrations”, a glorious title which has quite a nice ring to it in my personal opinion. Remixing phenomenal tracks such as “Coffee Break” by Zeds Dead and “Colors” by Tritonal & Paris Blohm, Illestry adds a whole new level of development that seems to flow very well with the progression of where electronic music is headed nowadays.

       Releasing his very first EP, “Pocket Change”, just a few months back, it is evident that this is just the start of a glorious career for this talented young producer. This EP perfectly demonstrates the variety of Illestry’s sounds, and goes to show how unique this artist truly is. Combining hard hitting synths with deep drum progressions overlaying some hood vocals, this producer provides some excellent music for virtually any listening situation. Whether it be for exercise, social gatherings, or simple relaxed kickbacks, Illestry’s sound is sure to make for an excellent artist choice in virtually any situation imaginable. It is quite clear that a lot of hard work, time, and dedication goes into producing all of these tracks, and the least we as listeners could do is pay this man some respect by spreading his music for all to enjoy.

       Unlike many other trap DJ’s, Darren is able to provide depth to all of his tracks, giving his tunes that intimate feel that make for an epic song or progression.  Another great thing about Illestry is that unlike many trap DJ’s who barely do any mixing on their turntables during their time on stage, Westby decides to separate himself from the more basic producers by establishing his immense musical talent by playing all of his sets completely live and on the spot. If you have been lucky enough to catch Darren perform this early in his career, be grateful that you are able to witness raw talent at such an early stage in his musical development. More recent tracks such as “Let Go” provide some foreshadowing to where Illesty’s music might be headed in the future, and the fact that it is so genuinely individualistic and unique speak so much to how successful this sub genre of music is going to be in the next couple years. “Ready For Love” (Illestry’s Throwback Bootleg) is said to have been one of Darren’s favorite tracks to date, and for good reason. This throwback offers a different view into the mind of Illestry, as the eloquent flow of the vocals are very well accompanied by the underlying acoustics which play perfectly into the filthy bass filled drops(s). Westby is really starting to master fading, and when listening to some of these tracks with headphones on, it is simply breathtaking to feel how smoothly Darren is able to play around with the listener’s mind. I personally am extremely lucky to have stumbled across the name “Illestry” at such an early age, as I can assure you it is only a short matter of time before this guy starts blowing up the future trap game, and Westby starts enjoying a smooth ride to stardom. The trap game needs a change up now more than ever, and “Illestrations” are the next big alternative.

       Unfortunately the trap scene is now becoming swamped with repetition and overemphasized bass, and it’s incredibly reassuring to find such a diamond in the dust given the current musical situation. Who knows where the electronic music scene is headed these next few years. All I can say is that I hope for the love of all things electronic, that the trap scene might take some advice from a producer as talented as Darren Westby. Be on the look out for some potential electro-soul type tunes in the future as well, as I can say this intellectual individual is most certainly not limiting himself to just trap music. Keep an eye out for the name “Illestry” during the course of these next couple years, and if you happen to be lucky enough to have him play a town near you, do the right thing and grab a ticket to support such hidden talent while it’s still on the rise. I can assure you that you will most definitely not be disappointed in the slightest degree. The future is extremely bright from this rising Los Angeles producer, and I personally am extremely stoked to sit back and watch how much the name “Illestry” is about to spread like wildfire in these next upcoming years.


Written by: Cooper Turley