Emerging Artist: DeluXe

     Colorado has proven to be one of the most musically progressive states in the country.  For the many electronic music producers that hail from the colorful state, there’s something about the mountain air that keeps their creative juices flowing. Names such as Michael Menert, of Pretty Lights Music, KillParis, Break Science, and Big Gigantic all call Colorado their home. It’s no surprise that future name-droppers are beginning to make their appearances on the music scene.

      Wayne Schultheis of Vail, Colorado grew up being influenced by these names.  He had been around the innovative sounds of funky electronic music so much that he was eventually inspired to create his own. Performing under the name DeluXe, Wayne has already played a number of shows, making him no newcomer to the challenge of live performance. Using more than just a DJ table, DeluXe separates himself from the “ordinary producer.” He samples his own voice, drumming, trumpet and guitar playing live on stage to create his music. Most of his songs range from glitch hop to alternative and even sometimes trap.  DeluXe has done performances with Michal Menert in both Colorado and California. More recently he's been seen opening up for Late Night Radio and Bass Physics at The Fox in Boulder and just finished up another show there this past weekend opening for Savant. 

    Thanks to his live instruments and vocals, going to a DeluXe show is a night of non-stop dancing; his favorite part about being on stage is feeding off of the crowds energy. Using an APC 40, he carries on with his mixing to tailor his set to the feel of the room. When the show is over, he releases dozens of tunes free to the public on Soundcloud; where you can listen to his new album Pieces Left Behind, an electro-soul ride through sound, or give his first set of tracks titled Fallen Into Place a listen. DeluXe provides original and authentic electronic music in a time where just about everyone thinks they’re soon to be the next big DJ. Give him a listen now 





Written By: Melanie Gordon


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