When hearing the name $aturn, most think of the planet, but the only thought that comes to mind for me is LoveTrap. One might be a little unsure what to expect when the genre of a song is dubbed “LoveTrap”, but for $aturn it’s a source of creativity, diversity, and a beautiful formation of sound. The 15 year old producer (yes, he’s only 15) Myles Anderson, better known as $aturn, created the genre with one of his close friends Jacob Grant (a.k.a. Just a Gent). LoveTrap plays off combinations of ambient music, Melodic Dubstep, and not surprisingly, Trap. Just a Gent and $aturn created this epic sub-genre as a break off  of “LoveStep”, but due to the smaller presence of dubstep and the heavier influence of trap, they felt “LoveTrap” would fit the bill even better.

Every song that Anderson produces seems to have its own very unique sound using varying layers of synths while still epitomizing the beautiful genre of LoveTrap. LuvTrap, $aturn’s first original song, uses the combination of smooth piano with upbeat melodies that progress into impressive synth-drops with unexpected catchy voice samples. This song alone shows how unique $aturn and the LoveTrap genre really are to EDM.


Some artists such as Slander have made attempts to copy this genre by renaming it HeavenTrap, but under the watchful eyes of $aturn’s loyal fans, it has been and always will be, LoveTrap. $aturn took a big step in his most recent remix by creating a LoveTrap edit of Cashmere Cat’s Kiss Kiss, along with a deep emotional remix of the song Luv Sick by ALEXA and Unkle Ricky, both of which I would heavily recommend checking out.

It’s not only the wicked combination of multiple genres that makes $aturn’s music desirable, but also due to the immense amount of emotion released through each song. Emotion is what separates an average producer from a 15 year old musical genius. $aturn so strongly believes in the emotion and power of music that he refuses to show his face to any of his fans. He believes that artists should be judged 100% because of the music they create and not how they look.  This is what allows $aturn’s listeners to really “feel” the music because they actually “feel” the love through his constant support and love for music.

The most mind blowing part of Anderson’s story is that he hasn’t even played a live tour due to the fact that he is too young, yet he has amassed almost 25,000 followers on SoundCloud in the past year. Be sure to check this kid out because you’re going to be hearing about him real soon in a venue near you.

By: Alex Witte