Even if you don’t know the difference between trap and house, even if you think Zedd and Zed’s Deadare the same person, and even if you think Deadmau5 is pronounced “Dead-mauw-five,” you haveprobably heard of the Electric Daisy Carnival held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Though EDC is hosted in many cities, Las Vegas boasts the most fame and the biggest turnout. In 2013, the three-day event drew a crowd of over 300,000 people, making it the largest electronic music festival in the world. Its line-up has featured names such as Kaskade, Armin van Buuren, Skrillex, and Bassnectar. The producers of EDC, Insomniac, aim to bring you three days and nights of endless fun, excitement, and extravagance.


            Mere pictures cannot give EDC justice. The entire event, true to its name, is like a massive carnival of sky-high proportions. Full-size carnival rides are free to all festival attendees. Fireworks pepper the sky. Sculptures, booths, vendors, and of course, the music surround each fan gathered at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Shows and attractions such as tesla coils, the Rabbit Hole, and the Bike Zoo are open for the fans’ entertainment. Then there are the stages. Massive, decorated, glowing and shifting stages feature some of the world’s most talented artists, dancers, and performers. Everywhere one turns, EDC is over-the-top, awe-inspiring, and breathtaking.


           EDC Las Vegas is so astronomical that it can’t be contained to its assigned dates alone. Dozens of venues around Las Vegas host shows that all together make up EDC Week, all focused on the celebration and preparation of the festival. From the Tuesday before to the Monday after, the entire city is the host of the Electric Daisy Carnival.


           The festival breaks the mold each year with building momentum and splendor. With record-breaking numbers in its past, no doubt remains that 2014 and subsequent years will be just as incredible. Though the 2014 line-up has not yet been released, all tickets for general admission and VIP are 100% sold out. EDC redefines what a festival can be and inspires countless others with its huge success. In 2014 and future years, we hope to meet you under the electric sky.


Written By: Kael Parker