EDC Releases 2014 Trailer

      Last week Insomniac Events, the visionaries behind all things Electronic Daisy Carnival, released their 2014 trailer for EDC NY. With festival season rapidly approaching, this trailer is sure to make any EDM fan radiate and ooze with excitement. Insomniac always treats us with amazing recap videos, trailers, and behind the scenes feature videos, and this one surely goes above and beyond. With more festivals emerging, Insomniac imaginatively catches everyone’s attention and secures EDC NY’s popularity.

Celebrating the unique individuality of EDC NYC, the video starts with festival clad fans and carnival dancers parading around the big city with “Stay the Night” by Zedd playing in the background. The video then picks up and explodes into the enchanting essence and immense energy of EDC to show just how big Insomniac plans to make EDC NY this year. The massive stages, amazing DJ’s, the carefree kandi wearing fans, the art installations and mystical creations and celebration of life are all highlighted in the promo. It also portrays the incredible atmosphere that EDC NY has to offer as well as the magical, loving vibes. Another addition to the festival this year is the debut of the famous owl stages from EDC Vegas. Receiving way more attention this year than it’s previous two years in NY, Insomniac ensures bigger production, better quality, and overall superior plans for EDC NY. This promo trailer impeccably does it justice. If you are not drooling over the EDC NY promo by the end, then you might need to watch the promo a second time!

Get your tickets! http://electricdaisycarnival.com/NewYork/


Written By: Christina Pitch