Detroit Electronic Music Festival Cancelled

A few days ago the promoters of Detroit Electronic Music Festival announced that the festival would no longer take place this summer as planned. The festival was supposed to be a showcase for electronic music, as well as new electronic music production technology. The show has been pushed back a year, and is rumored to be hosted on July 3rd-5th, 2015.

The Detroit Electronic Music Festival (DEMF) was planned to take place at Campus Martius Park and the Federation of Electronic Music Technology (FEMT) at nearby Ford Field. However, Campus Martius Park is undergoing construction with installing the M-1 light rail, which turned out to take longer than the promoters had expected. DEMF also claims to have several new production developments that need more time to perfect.

This event is not to be confused with the Movement Electronic Music Festival, which is taking place on Memorial Day Weekend in Detroit. Paxahau, the promoters of this event, are doing their best to let fans know that these two festivals are operating completely independent of each other, and that this event is still occurring. They released a statement saying, "The 'DEMF' cancellation has nothing whatsoever to do with Movement Festival. The events are totally separate festivals and promoters."

The promoters are offering an immediate refund or a ticket for DEMF 2015, for those who have already purchased tickets. FEMT stated that they will be sending out a special gift to ticket buyers who message them on Facebook as another apology for the cancellation of the event. In the press statement they released, they end their message on a positive note, saying, “The DEMF and FEMT will be historic, exciting, beautiful and inspiring presentations that bring out word together. Please join us this summer to enjoy Detroit’s other fine electronic music festivals, events, artists & clubs and please continue to anticipate with great excitement what promises to be one the most spectacular electronic music experiences ever created, very soon.”


Written By: Allison Regan