Donnie Miller, more locally known as Decadon, has become Colorado's most eyed electronic music up and comer. With his name splashed across line-ups for festivals such as Global Dance Festival and Foam Wonderland, it's no wonder he has performed with upwards of twenty artists who's names are big enough to sell out a show on their own. We were lucky enough to sit down with Decadon after opening at Dada Life's DadaLand Compound: Colorado, in Denver last Friday. The energy he was able to produce in the crowd was almost palpable as he got the massive sea of Coloradan's ready for Party Favor, Bixel Boys, Henry Fong and Borgeous. Decadon takes pride in his work; and so do his fans. With an ever expanding base of followers; the Decadon family is growing and pushing his music producing career to new heights. With talent on both the DJ table and classic instruments, Decadon is establishing a name for himself in an industry that is known to swallow DJs whole.


BFS: You have both the live element and the electronic element on your stage, how do you think this gives you an edge compared to other artists?

      DONNIE: “I think it’s just something that kind of gives you the leg up because you don’t see it everywhere, it this genre, especially. Don’t get me wrong it take incredible skill to do what these big DJs are doing because it’s an art in itself itself… but when you can combine the live elements; the guitar, even the way people DJ with the drum pads and all that stuff is something you give the audience that they don’t normally see. It’s kind of a misconception that like ‘oh he’s just gonna go up there and press a button’ and that’s all that we do. But I mean, it’s just another little element that you add to make yourself different I guess.”


BFS: You have an incredible amount of support in Colorado and you always seem to interact with your fans, why do you think that’s so important?

     DONNIE: “I don’t even view people who support me as fans, I kind of take a page out of the Bassnectar play book where you built this family and a collective of people that support you for not just your music, but also the kind of person you are. I think it’s way more cool where- like tonight, I met Stefan from Dada Life and we go up an introduce ourselves and he’s just genuine and nice and that is a big part of making it in this scene.”


BFS: How would you explain you and your dad’s relationship?

     DONNIE: “Terrible. ((laughter)) No, he’s- it’s a great relationship. He’s done everything he could for me as a father and as a manager. He was working nights when I was a small kid. We do clash obviously sometimes. And it’s tough to argue with him because I’m him and he’s me; we have the same points. But I mean, that’s natural. We have the same tattoo; when I played Red Rocks that was the deal that we would get these tattoos. I got to sign the wall and it was like, people work their whole lives to do that! Hopefully, cross your fingers, we’ll be there again this summer. ((laughter)) We will… One, maybe two, maybe three.”


BFS: Can you tell us about your Larimer Lounge show?

      DONNIE: “Two weeks ago we had a blizzard. But I had to headline the Larimer Lounge in Denver; my first headlining show in Colorado, sold it out!”


BFS: That’s pretty impressive, to sell out your first show in a blizzard!

     DAD: “There’s two girls here tonight who drove five hours from Colorado Springs. I just gave them a t-shirt and said thanks for supporting!”

     DONNIE: “I love meeting those people. I know artists at the level I am or even belong who treat their fans like shit. They have this chip on their shoulder but it’s like, don’t do that! I’m no different from any one out there. A year ago I was in the crowd watching these shows. I’m not gonna take for granted that I’m up there now. It’s been a lot of work but at the same time, you gotta be humble. I played what, 50 shows? Of like, nobody there, before things started to get bigger. I was playing small venues, bars, and hookah lounges, just to get my name out there.”


BFS: What do you think got you from playing hookah lounges to playing shows at Red Rocks?

     DONNIE: “Put in the grind! I’ll be the first to admit that my music is not at the point I want it to be at. I enjoy it, like people enjoy my music but I still want to grow and keep improving my sound. Id’s give my music a B+ right now! Combining the music with just being a like-able person gets you a long way.”


Decadon at Red Rocks

Decadon at Red Rocks


BFS: Name a couple of your songs that you really like to play onstage.

     DONNIE: “My favorite one of mine to play is “Thump”, my dad actually recorded the vocal sample in that song.”

     DAD: “Burry the ratchet!”

     DONNIE: “My favorite song to play right now that isn’t mine I’d have to say is “Droid” by Datsik and Bar9. I actually played                                that tonight.”


BFS: What are some of the boundaries you want to push with new music that you’re coming up with?

      DONNIE: “I think just going back to the live element. Because I’m also starting to incorporate my guitar playing in the studio more.”


BFS: What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you while preforming on stage?

      DONNIE: “Parade of Laser at City Hall with Sound Remedy. We had this badass intro playing. It was the most awesome, epic intro when I   went onstage. So I go on and I start playing it sounds like there’s no low-amp; there’s no bass in this. The sound manager was like ‘it’s          good you’re fine.’ And I’m like seriously I can’t hear it and he’s like ‘you’re good!’. This HUGE drop comes on and there are no subs on. It      was a like a solid thirty seconds and I’m just like ahhh what are we doing!?”



BFS: Dad, can we ask you a question?

   DAD: “Yeah!”


BFS: You mentioned you’re a fan of 80’s hair metal, how do you feel about that transitioning into the music of today?

     DAD: “I love it. I’ve been lucky to meet a lot of artists growing up in the business that I’ve been in. So he’s met Ozzy Osborne, he’s met      AC/DC, he’s met quite a God smack… As we were growing together and he started to do his music, he had an opportunity to meet these      folks but I just think that what he does with taking that rock element and bringing the EDM in… It took me while to get used to this stuff but      damn going to Datsik last Friday he was just killin’ the Ogden! I brought him the 80’s, the classic rock the hard rock, heavy metal, but he        brought me EDM.”

     DONNIE: “It’s the same scene like what you said about the 80’s hair metals. It was this huge movement of the 80’s in these huge arenas.  Now you see us DJs and producers just playing these huge festivals. You’ll see Skrillex on a bill with fuckin’ AC/DC and Metallica. It’s the      same kind of collective movement of people that go to a show to have a great time.”


BFS: Who are our favorite artists you’ve ever performed with?

     DONNIE: “Ahh, Brillz. Another one too tonight! Party Favor.”

     DAD: “Oh, he’s playing right now I gotta get out there!”


     Decadon's most recent announcement is Foam Wonderland right here in Colorado on June 13th. Donnie will take the stage at the National Western Complex preceding some huge names including The Chainsmokers, GTA, and Crizzly. Where massive foam shooting cannons meet massive bass obliterating subs, Foam Wonderland is one party you won't want to miss out on. Heres's last year's re-cap video to give you a taste of just how dirty white foam can be-


Interview by: Melanie Gordon and Emily Carlson 

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