BFS: “So we hear you guys met at a chili cook-off.”

Stefan: “Yeah!”

BFS: “Which one of you has the thing for spice?”

Stefan: ”I definitely think Olle likes a little bit more spicy stuff than me.”

Olle: “Yeah, yeah, yeah definitely. I actually won so…”

BFS: “Colorado also has a thing for spice, we order everything “Colorado style” with green chilies on it”

Stefan: “I actually had Colorado oysters today!”

BFS: “We heard about that! How were the balls?”

Stefan: “The balls were fried and they were kind of tasting like old KFC. It tasted just deep fried but the thing is when you knew that it was pig testicles….”

Olle: “Was it pig?”

Stefan: “Yeah pig testicles that you pick up and then smash it ((ppffft)) so it was round kind of like flat out.”

Olle: “Why?”

Stefan: “Nobody knows.”

BFS: “I honestly didn’t even know that Colorado had that!”

Stefan: “Yea we thought it was normal oysters but…”

Olle: “It’s called the Colorado oysters?”

Justin (manager): “Rocky-mountain oysters.”

Olle: “Rocky mountain oysters? You knew about this Justin?”

Justin: “Yeah I heard about it, I didn’t know what it was.”

Stefan: “He went on it!”

Justin: “I only ate one!”

BFS: “Well Colorado’s also huge on green chilies which kind of look like green bananas... We were comparing the picture of a banana and a green chili and they look just like green bananas.”

Stefan: “Oh my God they do look so much like green chilies!”

BFS: “We were thinking you should dye your bananas green for Colorado! Another Colorado style is going hard as fuck, which I know we’re all really excited to do tonight and we were wondering what collaboration you guys think you went the hardest on and do you have any more collaborations planned for the future?”

Olle: “Not really. I mean we always ask ourselves if we smell or if our studio is not nice enough or what the problem is basically because we tend to do all our stuff on our own.”

Stefan: “We try to reach out but nobody wants to play with us!”

BFS: “We liked your collaboration with The Crystal Method we thought that was awesome. That was pretty recent right?”

Olle: “Yeah that was recent but that was for like a specific project, you know, like for the game. That’s much easier compared to a song that’s like a single, you know?”

BFS: “Yeah, you guys just want to do your own thing.”

Stefan: “Yes most of the time because when we write a song we try to capture a moment and an energy… Imagine you’re sitting on a chair and you’re leaning back and you almost fall over but you come back and you’re like whoa! I almost fell over…. That little energy and that feel, we try to take that moment and to stretch it out for a full track. And we know how we do it but when we try to work with people they don’t always get it.”

BFS: “If you guys could have produced music in any other decade which decade would you choose?”

Olle: “Can we say the future?”

BFS: “Yea you can say the future. And just make an even more electronic sound?”

Stefan: “That’s the beauty of the future, you don’t know how it’s gonna sound and we don’t look in the past and try to recreate stuff, we always want to move forward and just out-do ourselves.”

Olle: “So, say you live till 2060 or something? 2070? I want to see what it sounds like in 2090! When I’m dead basically.”

BFS: “Well imagine you guys in tour in 2090… When you guys are on tour away from home in Sweden, which country would you say you feel the most at home?”

Olle: “I’d say America but probably California.”

BFS: “That’s where we’re originally from actually!”

Olle: “Yeah southern California is where we first started having bigger shows and that’s where the momentum picked up basically.”

BFS: “We saw you guys at the Shrine in LA. A few years back.”

Olle: “Yeah, it’s almost like coming home, going to California.”

BFS: “What influences can we expect to hear on your next album?”

Stefan: “Well I’d take a near death experience and stretch it for a track.”

BFS: “Like adrenaline?”

Stefan: “Yes but also if we want we will make a ballad. That’s the thing, if we can take that happy fun experience and make a ballad to recreate a feeling, then we will make a ballad. We don’t care really how it’s sounding at first.”

Olle: “I just didn’t know a near death experience was a fun experience.”

Stefan: “I think it will be like pushing the adrenaline, like going on a roller coaster. You gotta go on a big one. How far can you push it?”

BFS: “If you guys were a roller coaster would you be the biggest roller coaster in the world?”

Stefan: “Oh yeah the fastest, the biggest. We love roller coasters.”

BFS: “Did you guys visit Disneyland when you were in California?”

Stefan: “Oh yes and we went to Six Flags. We did the Electric Adventure. We put on a show in Six Flags, it was amazing because it was during a bus tour and we had a girl with us from the theme park so we just skipped all the lines and went straight to the carts. And on the bus tour normally we get up at 3pm but that day everyone was up at like 9am! First in line and we just went the whole day, did the show, kept on going on roller coasters. When it was time to go we were like fuck we want to stay!”

BFS: “I feel like we’re about to go on a roller coaster right now! I can’t wait for your guys’ set. I feel like everyone out there has been going through the openers like all right let’s get to Dada Life! And the openers have been great but everyone’s just so excited for you guys.”

Olle: “Thank you, thank you.”

BFS: “We want to thank you guys so much for your time! Mind if we snap a couple pictures?”

Olle: “Yeah sure! How about in front of this beautiful green wall?”

Interview by: Melanie Gordon and Emily Carlson